It Was a White Wedding After All!

A Toast to my "white wedding"

A Toast to my "white wedding"

The weirdest things happen to me. All the time. Really, they do. I could say I have bad luck… if most of the time it wasn’t so damn funny. See, it happens so often, that I have learned to just laugh it off. At least not most of the time. 


Most of the time, I expect it. And I think it’s funny. Most of the time.

One example of this is when I was in high school. I was on the Cross Country team. We were at a meet once and I somehow forgot to bring my running shoes. Or I lost them? I don’t remember. I was too busy goofing off with my friend Ronnie’s sister, Lisa. She was about four or five years younger than me. 

She was cute. 

She was fun. 

She had to lend me her shoes so that I could compete that day. I wore a size 5. She wore a size 7 or 8? I forget. All I know is every step I took her shoes went, swoosh, swoosh… and so I had to take these HUGE giant steps or they would fall off. It could only happen to Twinkie. Only me. Did I stress out? Nah, I laughed it off. And I actually had a really good race. I think it was all those giant steps I had to take to keep the shoes on. 

Yes stuff like this happens to me all the time. I could say I have bad luck. Then again, I could also say I just lead a very funny life. Very funny. Constantly funny. ha. Or I have bad luck? Nah… it’s funny.

The biggest example of this is on my wedding day. Which by the way was 8 years ago as of September 19th. So anyways, it was a fairly small family wedding. Mr. Twinkie and I wanted to elope, but alas for the sake of our family we decided to have a “wedding”. They were happy. 

Ok so anyways.. on to my story. I woke up, went with my best friends Gabby and Dolores to get our nails done.  My sister in law is a hairdresser, so we went to her to do my hair. She also did my makeup. Then we were off to Porterville, which is where the wedding was taking place.  

The music starts… 
the bridesmaids walk, one by one as rehearsed down the ailse. 
It’s almost my turn.  

My sister in law says, “Wait, let’s re-touch your makeup and spray your hair with hairspray one last time”   

She asks my friend Gabby to get her makeup bag and asks Dolores to find some hairspray. They follow her orders, then run out for their turn at walking down the aisle.  

My sister in law touches up my makeup. Then she starts spraying my hair. But the spray is coming out funny. It’s really white and really thick for some reason. We figure it must be broken or something. She shakes it, as if that is going to fix it, then tries again. Spray, spray.. it looks white and foggy, but she keeps spraying.  

As she gets ready to give up and just put the aeresol can of hair spray away, she looks at the bottle. She reads the label, “SUAVE SPRAY ON DEODERANT.  

Too late to do anything. It’s my turn to walk down the aisle. To make my vows to love and cherish him, through thick and through thin, till death do us part. With my white spray on deoderant covered hair. What do I do? Do I cry? Do I call the wedding off? Do I say I need more time? Enough time to wash my hair and restyle it, deoderant free?

 Nah, who cares. I’m marrying the best man in the world. And I’m marrying into the best family(other than my own) a girl could wish for. And the mariachi is playing my FAVORITE SONG so that I can walk down the ailse. Nothing could be more perfect. Even my frosted white hair.

 Which by the way, my husband thought I “frosted” on purpose, to match my white wedding dress.  

*those of you who are on my myspace friends list have seen pictures of my hair, now you know WHY it’s white!


4 responses to “It Was a White Wedding After All!

  1. I demand you add the picture to this blog post! I will personally walk you through the procedure if you do not know how! I NEED TO SEE IT!

  2. somebodystolemytwinkie

    Oopsie! I thought I had. Did it show up now?

  3. Yes, there it is! May I say that you look absolutley beautiful and that I L-O-V-E your dress! What else do I love? Your ability to laugh at life!

  4. Sometimes you have no choice, LOL!

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