A [F]oxy Interview

So by now you know that my blog reading isn’t limited to Bakotopia.com or masbakersfield.com. My favorites are actually away from those sites.

I love browsing through google.com, wordpress, etc. and finding good blogs. Then if I like them I put on my “favorites” list so that I can read them on a regular basis.

[F]oxymoron is on that list. His blogs are very short and sweet. Random. he enjoys travelling and had been lately then he shares his experiences with us. But his blog isn’t just about travelling. It’s random. The entries are short and sweet.

Him and a few other bloggers have been doing this thing where they interview each other.

It’s fun reading the questions and answers and learning a little bit more about them through these. It’s also a way to cross promote each other because guess what? They link to the person that interviewed them. Hence, they get a bit more readership.

Well, at least that’s my theory.

Anyways, I thought I’d join in the fun so I asked [F]oxymoron to interview me. If you want to read HIS interview answers, click HERE.

But for now, here are mine! To clarify, he’s asking the questions, I’m answering them.

1. I don’t have kids, but I imagine your children demand a lot of your time. How do you find time for blogging?

8:00 pm bedtimes ROCK. After that, it’s my “downtime” to use for watching HBO movies inappropriate for children under 16, quietly reading a book, or blogging. The kids actually dig that I “write” and love reading my stories. Especially when it has to do with them somehow.

2. You like to read, so I’m putting you on the spot! What are five novels you’d give up sweets for?

Three Days In New York City by Robin Slick. It’s dirty sexy erotica but with a very funny twist. I actually bought this book not realizing it was erotica then took it to read at my kid’s t-ball practice. Yeah, I know. I KNOW. Lesson learned.

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It’s a historical fiction based on “the rape” of Dinah (Genesis chapter 34.) But in the book, she not only didn’t get raped, Jacob was her soul mate. Her true love. I read it for a book club once and I wasn’t looking forward to reading it at all then all of a sudden it punched me in the gut and just took my breath away and I couldn’t put it down. By the end of the book and through many misunderstandings her brothers end up murdering him in his sleep (as the bible tells it.) Aside from the tragic love story, it’s a very empowering novel.

Desert Blood by Alicia Gaspar De Alba. Its a great novel which happens to be loosely based on the Juarez murders. The author does an incredible job in bringing these very real, very current murders to light. But it’s also just a great story based around a lesbian who has typical Mexican old school family issues because of her “way of life.”

Her mom hates her for being gay, and blames her for the death of her father who “took up drinking to forget about the fact that he had such a disappointment of a daughter” and ended up dying an accidental, drunken death.

Along with that, and other issues, the main character decides to delve into the murders and gets herself into trouble when she’s kidnapped by them, tortured for snuff movies and practically killed. It’s a great “conspiracy” book with a tad bit of “chic lit” and drama.

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. It’s a children’s book that I had fun reading to my two older kids when they were little. They are now 17and 18 and both still love the book. In fact, they enjoyed reading it to their younger brothers when they were “little.” They are now 8 and 9. Even though they are all too old for it the fact that they still tell me they “love me to the moon… and back” makes me think they’ll be reading it to their own kids someday.

Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. I read the book a long time ago(before he was even considering becoming Mr. President), then when I tried to re-read it I couldn’t get past the prologue. My husband and kids laughed and laughed at me because I would start bawling each and every time I tried.

My conversations would start off like this, “Look, [babe],[sister],[daughter]etc… you GOTTA read this … *insert the first few words here…. now insert UGLY embarrassing cry here.”.

3. Quick! Potentially hostile aliens visit earth and you want to convince them this rock really isn’t worth their colonizing efforts. What 5 television shows would you show them to support your argument?

 Any MTV reality show belongs here. Gold teeth, saggy jeans, fake tits, weaves and bad grammar. Oh Loooooord! But if you want a list .. you got it!

The Girls Next Door. A bunch of silicone and Botox injected filled men and women. Nice to look at, but yucky if you were a carnivore alien.

Flavah of Love. (do I really need to go into details here?)

Star Trek. We are allies with your enemies biotches. Be careful who’s planet you’re trying to inhabit. We will eff you up with a kung fu grip.

Jackass. Who in their right mind would want to inhabit a planet where you have to eat horse semen and stick firecrackers up your butthole to survive?

Planet of the Apes. If it happened to us, it can happen to you, alien jerks. And guess what? Humans always prevail!

4. If you had to be trapped in a blog post for one evening, what post would you choose? Any of your travel posts. Especially the massage one minus the Happy Ending.

5. How does blogging contribute to your life?

Blogging has provided me with the platform to do a lot of networking with local, like-minded people who enjoy going to art shows, local live music shows, underground theatre plays/musicals, etc. Which is awesome because my own “real life” circle of friends aren’t always up for trying something different.

It also gives me an outlet to babble on about nothing and hopefully have an audience (hubby at home just mumbles, “uh-hu, uh-hu. Yeah, uh-hu” while pretending to listen.) JUST KIDDING HONEY IF YOU’RE READING THIS.

It’s all about networking and making new friends and sharing ideas.

Do YOU want to join the fun? Here are the rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions – I get to pick the questions.

3. Post your answers on your blog.

4.Within this same post, provide the rules and offer to interview someone else.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, send ‘em five questions.


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