Have You Ever Been In Love With A Stripper?

“Have you ever been in love with a stripper?”
My 7 year old asked me that last night.

Shocked, but slightly amused I said no, and held in my chuckle.

Then he took off singing that song.

“I’m in love with a stripper”

After the initial shock of the question, it hit me. He has no idea what he just asked.

So I quickly stopped him and said, “Honey, you can’t sing that song. Stripper is a bad word.”

Feeling embarrased he said , “Then why didn’t you tell me that when I said it right now?”

The tone of his voice let me know he felt insulted that I didn’t point it out to begin with.

“Ummmmmm I don’t know. But it is. It’s worse than stupid or shut up so don’t say it, ok?”

(stupid and shut up are VERY BAD words in my household)

Have I ever been in love with a stripper? hmmmmm tee hee!

Definitely not a conversation I ever thought I’d be holding with my 7 year old son.

Sounds like somebody is not listening to Disney radio when they are babysitting my kids.

Originally posted on Kick Off Your Shoes And Stay a While on Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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