American Idol 2/17/09 Recap

Tohn.. Jackie, Jackie.. why? WHYYYY? WHY? Why would you wear tennis shoes with that outfit? WHY? Why would you wear pants that are louder than your voice? Oh girl.

Ricky Brady.. wowza. Amazing. A little hum-drum? Maybe. Or maybe it’s “demure.” Either way the dude is a cutie and has a winning smile. That’s all this girl needed to send in a vote.

Alexis Grace… I must have missed the episode where they told her to “dirty it up” but … ewww. That’s dirty advice. What’s wrong with wholesome? Either way it didn’t matter if she was dirty or naughty or nice. Her voice won my vote. Period.

Everybody was pretty forgettable so I’ll skip them but lets talk about Michael Carver. Wow. I had such high expectations Michael. First day jitters did you under buddy because your voice was nothing like I thought it would be. It didn’t win me over and with only three making it through I had to pick the three that actually had their shit together.

Anne Marie Boskovich.. I know what she was trying to do but it didn’t work. Her “version” of the song wasn’t different enough for us to feel like she made the song her own. Instead it sounded like she butchered a classic. It’s not that she didn’t sing it good but because she didn’t sing it exactly the way it goes then it just sounded BAD. I have to admit though, she did redeem herself at the end. Powerful vocals. Enough to make me vote for her? NOPE.

When Stephen Fowler announced he was doing Rock With You by Michael Jackson I was excited. I mean everybody knows Michael can hit those high notes so this song should have been Stephen’s way to redeem himself from his shotty performance in Hollywood. But wow. He was atrocious. My initial excitement went away a few lyrics into the song.

Tatiana Del Toro got a bad rap last night. I felt like she finally showed star quality by NOT being all diva’d out then the judges made fun of her because of it. AND they had the nerve to say they wanted the old Tatiana back. YEAH, I’ll bet you do. So you can make MORE fun of her. Assholes. Last night Tatiana proved that not only is she NOT gonna be the butt of their jokes anymore but also? Guess what? She can sing. I hope she makes it into the next round so the judges have a chance to see that she is a serious performer whose nerves just got the better of her in Hollywood. Also? She doesn’t give up that easily.

Now, what is the deal with Danny Grokey? Big Mickey said from the beginning of the show that Danny was gonna be his favorite. I don’t even remember Danny before last night. Then again, I was probably running downstairs to get the kids some water, or yelling at one of them to get in the shower or something while Danny was being featured.
Anyways, I agree with Simon. Was his performance ok? Yes. Enough to get my vote? NOPE.

OK! So to recap, here is who I voted for: Tatiana Del Toro, Rick Braddy, And Alexis Grace. *crossing my fingers that my votes helped get those three into the next round!

*edited 2/19/09 to add:

**I am very disappointed that America voted with their hearts and not their ears.

Danny Grokey was NOT that good. He was ok. Subpar even. He won the pity awww-your-wife-just-died vote.

Michael Carver won the look-how-cute!an-oil-rig-manly-man-who-sings novelty vote.

Or even the look!-he’s-just-like-us-joe-the-plumber vote.

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