The Stinky Purse Makes A Comeback

Today is a great day! I am on a natural high that I usually get when I visit with my buddies, D and G. They are hifreakinlarious.

Oh man.

We had the staff at Don Vinos Italian Restaurant in Porterville laughing so hard. I just know that the people at the bar wished they were at our table. Or maybe not. Maybe they thought we were freaks. But I’ll humor myself and pretend they were staring at us because they wanted to be us.

And not because we are freaks.

D and G are my childhood friends. We’ve been friends since the third grade. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and decided to meet up last night at Don Vinos. We sit there and catch up on our daily drama… yadda yadda.

Then we start talking about my (Kick Off Your Shoes And Stay A While)  blogs and how much they’ve enjoyed reading them and which one is their favorite, etc etc.

OH.. and they also have decided that need nicknames, because apparently D and G isn’t good enough. So from now on, D is Dorp, and G is Goocher.

Goocher mentions that she loved the Stinky Purse story. So I decide to tell them about how when another friend read that story they emailed me and said, “Hold your tongue and say this out loud I HAVE A STINKY PURSIE.”

 I laughed. Hard. And loud.

They don’t get it. So they decide to try it to see what’s so funny. They hold their tongue and they say……..

And then it happens.. they belt out a LOUD and I mean LOUD scream.. you know the type.. the scream that usually comes right before a really LOUD and really LONG laugh. Sure as fuck. We start laughing and laughing and wailing our arms from laughing so hard.

The restaurant was packed last night. It usually is on Wednesday, free wine tasting night. So everybody is staring at us and kind of laughing with/at us. Then the waitress comes, Y__, really sweet girl. She asks us what is so funny that we are laughing so hard.

So in between breaths Dorp says, “Tell her Twinkie, tell her”. So in between my own laughter I tell her about the stinky purse, and the email, “Hold your tongue and say this out loud I HAVE A STINKY PURSIE”

So now Y__ is laughing her ass off. And of course the people around us are wondering even more what is so funny. So this other waiter comes by and says, “You girls are so scandalous. What in the world are you laughing about?”


Now he’s cracking the fruck up and we’re crying… from laughing so hard. Then the owner’s son, J___ comes by and says, “What is going here?” So I TELL HIM. And he starts laughing his ass off.

Thank God it was time to leave. My stomach hurt so bad from all that laughing. Oh man. I really needed my girl time. I love those girls!
Originally posted on Kick Off Your Shoes And Stay a While  on Thursday, November 2, 2006

2 responses to “The Stinky Purse Makes A Comeback

  1. OMG, Twinks! When I was little we used to hold our tongue and say “My mother has a black purse.” Not nearly as funny as your story!!!!!

    So glad you’re on WordPress now. I will read you MUCH more often! Yahoo!

    Have missed you!

  2. hahahah Justine.. I’d NEVER heard of that, or done that. But ever since I shared my story I have people telling me “Haven’t you ever heard.. when you were a kid didn’t you ever…?” And the answer is… NO! And HOW did I miss out on such deliciously ridiculous games? hahahaha

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