The UN-American Idol

Big Mickey at his best!

Big Mickey at his best!

My baby Twinkie “Big Mickey” and I were driving to go drop off my Princess Twinkie with her friends at Round Table. I always listen to my music up front. Then they use the headphones in the back even if we’re listening to the same song.

This particular time I’m listening to my Sirius radio and he’s listening to a CD. We’re both singing to our own songs. Well, I’m humming. He’s singing it out loud.

We dropped my daughter off and as we’re driving away, he says, “Mom, when I sing in my mind I sing GOOOOOOOOD. But then I sing out loud and it sounds like my regular not-so-good-singing voice.”

I said, “Yeah, me too. Not all of us are blessed with a good voice. But at least we have a voice, right?”

He shrugs his shoulders and says, “Hmmm, yeah, I guess” and that was that.

I drove off, and we kept on singing.


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