Does Music Define You?

What do you call somebody that likes some Pop music, some Rap, some Alternative, some Jazz, some Bluegrass, some Mariachi, some Cumbia, etc etc… in the music world?

It depends on who you talk to, I guess?

A sellout?

A fake?

What do you think?

Me? My opinion? I consider myself multifaceted.

Open to all types of music

Connected to music of all types.

Or maybe plain and simply I’m just “easy to please.” Music makes me happy.

Now I ask you, “Is that a bad thing?”

If so, why?

Does it make me a not-so-coveted fan if I like YOUR music which might be classified as Indie. But I also like Madonna? Even the new stuff?

Does it make me a “fake fan” or a fan you’d rather not have in YOUR audience if I will go watch and enjoy YOUR show on Thursday at Fish Lips, but then enjoy just an equally amazing country music show at Trouts on Saturday?

Does it disgust you that I can dance all night at a Salsa club, then two step all afternoon at the Crystal Palace? Then rock out to your punk band?

But let’s not make this about me. Let’s take it a step further.

What do your music choices say about YOU?

And if you like screamo, is your personality compatible with somebody who prefers jazz.

Do our music choices define who we are?


3 responses to “Does Music Define You?

  1. I think it is an eclectic music taste. Especially since all modern music ‘borrows’ from other musical styles. Know your music history. 🙂

  2. I have very random musical taste. I like pop, country, some hip hop, rock, alternative, etc.

    I don’t define myself by music and I sometimes find that people who do define themselves by music look down on those of us who don’t.

  3. You’re right, Karen. So does that make us lesser than? Or does it make them close minded?

    and Colsy, you have a great point. Everything is borrowed from other types of music.

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