I glanced at the my tool bar to the far left was button labeled HELP. If I clicked on it, would it really help? Can anyone really help me now? I decided it was worth a shot. 

I clicked on it. I brought down a window that was labeled help topics. I scrolled down the list…. hmmm… no nothing about life trauma, tribulations, depression, anxiety. 

What about my trusty old paper clip, he always seems willing to help. I brought him out from hiding. I had previously put him away after he bugged the hell out of me when he wouldn’t stop asking me if I needed help writing a letter.  He seems happy to be out of hiding. He doesn’t seem to hold any grudges against me, good old trusty paper clip. 

“Mr. Paper clip,” I typed, “financial troubles.” He came back with “Trouble finding files?”

NO! I retype, “help with money”

He responded, “Help with recording billing information for a task?”

“Hmm,” I thought, “getting closer, one more time. How can I make more money?”

He responded, “Change the width of a contact card?”

Let’s face it, my paper clip though eager to help, is a moron.  I right clicked on him and hid him.  Although, I must say, having someone sit around awaiting your command is kind of exhilarating,  I brought him back out, paper clip, what should I have for lunch?…

sent to me by email by my sister, The Raven and posted on Kick Off Your Shoes And Stay a While December 2006








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