Pranks Gone Wrong

I am a big wuss when it comes to scary movies.  I have never understood how scaring the hell out oneself can be considered pleasurable? I don’t enjoy it.

I tense up.

My heart beats fast.

I feel like I can’t breathe.

My neck hurts, and I get a headache from being so tense.

How is that fun?

 But my husband LOVES them. So one date night, a long, looong time ago… we compromised. I would watch a scary movie with him, only if he watched a chick flick with me.

Well, I couldn’t get through it. I freaked out and decided, “you go ahead and finished the movie, and I’ll go take a long hot shower to calm my nerves.”
I was afraid to be upstairs by myself but I didn’t want to admit it to him. I took a deep breath and started walking slowly. I could feel someone’s presence lurking in the shadows. I started imagining somebody following me.

My mind started playing tricks on me. I could feel evil breathing over me. Every corner in the house was an opportunity for someone to attack. I kept telling myself it was all in my mind. And my husband was there to protect me. I had nothing to worry about, right? And still, I couldn’t shake the feeling.

Once I was in the shower, that eerie feeling did NOT go away. In fact, it got worse. I felt someone staring at me, so I freaked out.
“Dammit, Norma, it’s all in your head. Stop it,” I thought to myself.
I had shampoo in my eyes, so I couldn’t open them for a bit to verify. Of course, that freaked me out even more. When I finally washed the shampoo out I opened my eyes, and there was a face (my husband… )staring at me in this evil looking stare. I screamed!

Then I started crying and crying and crying and I couldn’t stop. He felt so bad.

Sorta… in between his laughter he felt bad.

But he couldn’t stop laughing. The more he laughed the more I cried. The more I cried, the more he laughed. I finished my shower and got dressed. All the while I’m still bawling. Or like Oprah Winfrey calls it, I was “crying ugly”.

He’s only made me cry like that one other time which I will be writing about soon. But for now, have you ever played a prank on someone and it went horribly wrong? Or has someone played a joke on you and you didn’t take it very well? Please share your experiences here.


3 responses to “Pranks Gone Wrong

  1. That’s a terrible prank! I can’t believe he laughed so much and you cried.

    I haven’t had it go so horribly wrong before when I played a prank. But then, I’m kind of a chicken that way; I don’t go too far.

  2. Oh I know it. The more he tried to stop laughing, the more laughter that came out of his wretched little mouth! LOL

  3. I guess I should add, to his defense.. that I’m a big wuss. I was hormonally imbalanced and cried a lot then (I was preggers) and I was throwing such a fit, that every time I think about how I must have looked, I have a chuckle myself.

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