Good. To Go.

I went home for lunch today, as I normally do. I had some leftover BBQ ribs from dinner the other night. Of course typical me… I got it all over my face so I wiped my mouth with a napkin.

Then I started cleaning around the house and had a full conversation with two of my kids.

On my way to work, I decide the sun is too bright so I grab my sun glasses. For some reason I quickly glanced in the rear view mirror to see how they look.

They look exactly the same as the last time I wore them. (what was I expecting to see anyways, right?)

EXCEPT for I’m wearing half my damn lunch on my cheeks. What the hell? I can’t believe one of my kids said something to me.

geez louize!

I wipe.


I wipe again.

Still nothing.

I resort to the ol’ saliva trick(ewww). YES! Whooo hooo! BBQ sauce is OFF my cheeks. BUT… now I have no makeup in the areas where I wiped.

 Damn it.

Two white marks on my face. Nice! I look in my purse and thank goodness my powder compact is in there. I apply compact and it covers up my saliva wiped cheeks.


Good to go…


2 responses to “Good. To Go.

  1. I think there was a conspiracy.

  2. I most certainly agree. It’s paypacks for all the times I’ve embarrassed my kids

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