Mexican Drug Wars

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m Mexican.  (*insert a gasp here) You know, as in… from Mexico. Yeah, I know.. hard to believe right?

I haven’t been back to my place of birth because … well… umm… because… I don’t know why? I have no interest, really. I guess? Well, I mean I do want to visit touristy areas like Cancun or Acapulco.. but to go back to where I came from? It wasn’t that great. Which is why we moved to the USA. Why would I want to go back?

My sisters go every year. Well, at least… they USED to when they were little, because my mom would take them. See, she still goes every year to visit her sisters, cousins, etc. So we kind of keep up with the news either through Galavision (Spanish T.V. station) or our family members that still live in Mexico.

Why is this important? Well, my mom and older sister are taking their annual trip to Mexico in a few weeks to visit family. My other sisters are up in arms because why-would-they-go-to-Mexico-when-these-drug-wars-are-going on… well HELLO people!

Those drug wars have been going on for decades. It’s just finally making news because it’s spilling into the USA.

Besides, they are going deep into Mexico like Guadalajara, Colima, and Mexico City. The damage is happening in the border states so they should be ok.

Also, the only people the drug lords kidnap (also happening for decades but still hasn’t made headlines in the USA) are people with money and power, for ransom… we’re poor so they should be safe.

Well, at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself over and over until they make it back home SAFE!

*as a sidenote* My mom asked me if I had any hand me downs from my boys for my cousin’s kids since they are very poor and look forward to whatever we send every year and this reminded me of a story I once wrote for N.L. Belardes about a favorite dress I had once while living in Tijuana, Mexico.  Stay tuned and I’ll post it tomorrow!


2 responses to “Mexican Drug Wars

  1. Gangs during the prohibition were not solved by Eliot Ness. It was solved by lifting prohibition. Our market for illegal drugs is what drives these cartels. I think we need to take a new look at our current drug policies.

  2. I agree with you, Rob. Then we can tax it and regulate the hell out of and suck the fun and pleasure of sneaking around to the back alleys to “score” then we won’t want it as much.

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