Models LOVE Champagne and so do Twinkies

Have you ever come home from work after a hard day’s work and decided you need.. no.. not NEED. You DESERVE to unwind.
So you open up a bottle of champagne you just happen to have in your fridge.

*See, you have decided to always keep a bottle in your fridge because you’ve recently read in People magazine that models drink champagne for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you immediately ran out and bought some to keep in hand just in case.
Because you never know right?
And you want to be ready for that time when your supermodel friends come over they have something to drink.
*Translation: because of your recent newfound love of it since your sister went wine tasting in Napa and brought you home a bottle.
Of course you don’t have supermodel friends and so they obviously will never come over.
And so there you go!
A bottle of champagne always available for you to drink after a hard day’s work.
Anyways.. so you open up this bottle and start swigging away like the lush that you are and before you know it, the whole bottle is gone.
By now you’re a little tipsy. Not drunk, persay. But definitely tipsy.
So then you decide, “Meh! Forget about making dinner.”
Instead you order pizza and then tell your loving husband, “HEY you know what would be a GREAT idea? We should go out and have cocktails! And we should stay our really REALLY late because you just KNOW how much that makes sense since I have get up early to go to work tomorrow and won’t THAT just make for a great work day!”
Of course your loving husband obliges and off you go.
Then you wake up the next morning and of course being the responsible lush that you are you get up anyways, take your shower, go through the motions half drunk/half asleep. Because YES.. you still felt drunk from the night before.
As you go off to work you think to yourself, “‘DAMN! That probably WASN’T the best idea I’ve had this month!”
Has that ever happened to you?
Yeah, uh… ummmm… me either!


2 responses to “Models LOVE Champagne and so do Twinkies

  1. Weeknight drinking? That starts with champagne? Well done. Well… done.

  2. heee… so do most of my Sundays in the summer, next to the pool. I just LOVE champagne.

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