Honestly? Relationship Advice (aka Things You SHOULD Keep From Your Spouse)

I was reading an article the other day on MSN that addressed an interesting issue. Honesty.

Opening up to your partner.

Sharing EVERYTHING with them.

Not keeping ANYTHING from them.

And I was thinking to myself. Really? Everything? Because I don’t think it would bring my honey and I any closer than we are if I told him his breath stinks. Or if he told me I was getting too fat.

In fact, it might piss us off.

And when we women ask, “Do these pants make my ass look too big?” I KNOW that YOU know what the correct answer is. LIE.

Then I read THIS ARTICLE titled Five Secrets You Should Keep From Your Partner and it made more sense to me than the first one. What do you think? Are there more things you need to keep from them? I want to add a few of my own.

6. It IS a big deal.

7. It doesn’t happen to everybody.


8. It IS your fault.

OK OK So most of you are probably giggling and realize that I stole them from Jennifer Anniston’s character on Friends. haha.

But seriously.

Is there some things you should keep to yourself?

Isn’t too much information bad for relationships?

 What other “secrets” should you keep from your partner?

Should you be completely open no matter what? Even if it might hurt their feelings?

click here to read the article then leave a comment!

5 responses to “Honestly? Relationship Advice (aka Things You SHOULD Keep From Your Spouse)

  1. Share everything? Horrible idea. Despite being together, the point is still to be two different people, two people who are each their own person. And no healthy person shares absolutely everything with any one other person. There’d be no self left, no private moments…

  2. One of my husband’s friends once had a girlfriend who wanted to leave the door open when either of them was in the bathroom (because she believed this would bring them closer or something) – when he asked me what my opinion was on this practice I was like “Hell no, it’s bad enough he knows I *go* to the bathroom!”

  3. I agree, f.b.. that’s what different friendships are for. I mean, how would telling my hubby that he got on my nerves because (insert reason here) make us closer?

    sodacandy… ewww. LOL shut the door. What the hell?

  4. I like the saying, ‘You can tell each other anything.’ As opposed to, ‘You should tell each other everything’.

  5. oooh. that’s a GOOD one, Colsy! It makes more sense.

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