Bite Me!

I have this little teeny tiny mole on my chin(right under my lips) that hair grows out of so I have to constantly pluck the frucker.

Usually, as soon as I see the growth I pluck it so nobody really knows it’s there. Other times, I forget and it grows so fast I can’t keep up.

Well a looooooooooooong time ago I was dating this guy and we were making out.. or starting to, anyways.

He freaken BITES the hair off.


He starts laughing and says, “Sorry it was bugging me.”

I was sooooo embarrassed. Oh well. Actually I don’t know if I was more embarrassed than I was annoyed at him. It HURT dammit! Especially since I wasn’t expecting it.

Does anybody else have any embarrassing date stories they’d like to share?

6 responses to “Bite Me!

  1. kinda… In one of my eyebrows, there is this one strand of eyebrow that grows longer than the others, always. So, it I don’t pluck it out, it kind of stands out. However, I never thought it was something bad or that noticeable. Anyways, a few years back the boyfriend of that moment came and before I could notice just grabbed and pulled it out (that was the first time it was pulled)… it was sort of violent… I was, oh, so pissed, his response: “but I’ve wanted to do that for so long”. He didn’t last much longer after that (not for this only, but for so many other things too)

  2. YOu should have yanked out one of his nose hairs! LOL

  3. That is just odd. I am that guy is freaking insane. I have one whisker thingy under my chin.

  4. It was actually kinda funny later but at the time I was pissed. The cool part about it is that we had that kind of relationship and we stayed close even years after we spilt up.

  5. Split up sorry for the typo. He was the Seinfeld to my Elaine

  6. OMG!!!! I would have been so pissed!

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