Dear Diary

“Mom, I read your diary!” Baby Twinkie confessed to me last night while smiling very smugly.

I acted very shocked and appalled then say, “GASP! You did? Oh noooooo! So then you read how I REALLY feel about you?”

“HU? WHAT???” Baby Twinkie asks a little uneasy then replies, “Yup. I do. Because I snuck in your room and read your diary! hahahaha”

“Oh, man. Did you read it all? Did you read the part where I wrote:

Dear Diary,
Baby Twinkie is too expensive to keep around. He eats ALL my food, and raids my pantry and takes all the snacks to his room and hides them under his bed. I think I’m going to get rid of him tomorrow!

Did you read that part?”

He looks at me in shock and horror and says, “MOM! YOU WROTE THAT?”

I give him a “look” like.. did you hear what I just said, buddy? About all the damned WRAPPERS I found under the bed? 

It takes a little while.. I can see his little brain working… one-two-thr…..

Then he giggles because he knows he’s sooooooo busted! I found his secret snack supply under his bed!

“YUP!” I say, trying very hard to contain my laughter. “Of course you already KNOW that because you read it in my diary right?”

“Awww man, it’s just like that video you showed me yesterday! MAN you’re mean!” he whines.

“Baby Twinkie,” I say, “I don’t own a diary. BUT if I did.. I wouldn’t write that. How can I get rid of my baby Twinkie? Come on, if I did that, then who would scrub my restrooms and help me wash dishes?”

He thinks about it. Hmmmml… I guess it pays off to be Mommies Little Helper he thinks…

“True” he replies, feeling a little more confident about his position in our Twinkie Household. Now he’s just got to remember to throw away all the wrappers instead of hiding them under the bed. Then he’s REALLY safe!
**to watch the video Baby Twinkie is referring to just CLICK HERE.

Or copy and past this link:


5 responses to “Dear Diary

  1. He so cute that he is worth keeping around even if he does bring ants and nice with that hidden food. 😉

  2. Oh I definitely agree. Of course I wanna keep him on his toes so I might keep that information to myself… *wink… tee hee.
    Just kidding. He knows. All my kids do. They got me wrapped around their little fingers.

  3. In the video though… it’s a daddy telling his kids he can’t afford them and he has to pick one to kick out.. .it’s funny. We’d just seen it online so it kinda fit into this conversation. tee hee.

  4. That is what I call using psychology to teach a child!

  5. heeee. I call it messing with his mind so much he’ll need therapy. Just kidding.

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