Read The Sign(s)

I don’t believe in fate. Well, I think I don’t. Maybe I do. Just  a little. But I definitely don’t rely on it. Well, at least not most of the time. Only sometimes.
I guess what I mean is I don’t believe things happen because they are “supposed” to happen. But I do believe that you can learn from them.
Other times not so much. But you should definitely just go with it.
Well, maybe not.
Ok so I admit.. I don’t really know WHAT I think.
What I do know is this. If a car full of nuns with a priest driving cuts you off at first you should do the obvious. Get pissed off. It’s ok. Don’t feel guilty. It’s a normal reaction. I know I probably would. I mean, I’m usually pretty damned friendly but I’m only human (no really it’s true!)  and I have my moments.



So anyways, flip them off.
Then cuss them out.
But then… after you realize he’s still gonna go 15 miles an hour in front of you in a 35 mile an hour zone NO MATTER WHAT YOU YELL AT HIM and no matter what gestures you make with your hand or otherwise… I suggest you take a deep breath and think to yourself, “RELAX! Just reeeeeelaaaaax. Maybe this priest  cutting you off is saving you from a car accident you might have been involved in up ahead. So take a chill pill and go with it.”
And you really should. I know I do. Because you know, sometimes this fate thing just helps keep my sanity. And besides, maybe things DO happen for a reason. And who do I think I am to think otherwise? Sometimes… you just gotta read the signs when they are right in front of you.
“What does this all mean, in the grand scheme of things?” you might be asking yourself. Well, the answer is simple!

6 responses to “Read The Sign(s)

  1. OR you can keep a sign in your car for moments like this when you can then hold it up in the window for them to read that “JESUS VERY MUCH DISLIKES YOU”

  2. heee…. that’ is a very viable option. I’ll keep that in mind. LOL

  3. Yeah, maybe things happen for reasons. But I have a list of my own reasons. So I just try to do my own thing. And when fate’s list and my list match: sweet. When they don’t, well, uh… I’ll just curse fate until it falls in line.

  4. Exactly. I’m with you. I pick and choose when u beleive in fate when it suits my needs. Hahaha

  5. I don’t believe in fate so much as I believe in cause and effect. For instance: I met my husband at a friends (music) show in the city. Because I decided to go that night. Cause and effect. Not fate. I don’t believe fate was the one that got my lazy ass up or fate who did my hair and makeup, fate that drove to the Bart station and then took Bart to the city. I DID THOSE THINGS! If fate had anything to do with it, he owes me $5.00 for my round trip Bart fare. Cheap bastard.

  6. hahaha… Amber!!

    Well last night we went to dinner (Chinese) and my fortune cookie said, “A romantic mystery will soon add interest to you life!”

    I told Mr. Twinkie, “Sorry about it babe… hee hee… ”

    I’m keeping that fortune cookie in my wallet. teee heeeeeee.

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