Nightmare On Twinkie’s Street

*this post was originally written the summer of 2007 and is a the first of The Nightmare On Twinkie’s Street. (yeah, I have a lot of nightmares! LOL

I went to bed last night with no worries in the world.

 Well, I mean, my back hurt a little but not a big deal. At least not as bad as the night before, where I had to take a muscle relaxer that knocked me out till the next day. Thank goodness I had a good mind to take it at 7:00pm the night before or I might have missed work.

 Or at least been late.

So anyways, as soon as I lay my head down, I knew I was gonna be in for a long night. First of all, the noise outside just seemed louder than usual. It was like listening to a “nature CD” on BOSE surround sound.

Is it cricket mating season or something? Because DAMN!!!

Of course normally the noise is soothing but last night it kind of freaked me out. MY mind immediately filled itself with thoughts of a swarm of crickets invading my room and walking all over me in my sleep.

Yeah, not a good thought to have right before slumber, right?

I thought about watching T.V. for a while until I got so sleepy that the noise would stop bothering me. But it was already late so I decided to “tough it out.”

 Big mistake! BIG! HUGE!

I fell right to sleep. Good right? NO! Why? Because then, the nightmares started.

It’s the dreaded demon dream that I have once in a long while. In my dream, I’m in my bed, sleeping, but a red eyed demon is lurking, waiting for me to close my eyes. As soon as I do, he attacks.

Sometimes he just messes with me. Pulls my hair. Tries to open my eyes. Other times him and his friends toss me around like a pillow. Sometimes, however it’s worse. They smother me, they choke me until I feel my very life slowly get drained out of me.

Last night it was the latter. I couldn’t breath and as I tried to yell out for help I could feel them holding me down and covering my mouth up so I wouldn’t make a sound. I would then yell at myself to WAKE UP. It’s just a DREAM. Don’t let them win. You can snap out of it. It’s all in your mind, Twinkie. WAKE UP. Don’t let yourself get all caught up in this stupid dream. WAKE UP.

I try and try but I can’t. I feel my eyes opening and think I’ve won but then they use their clammy fingers to pull my eyelids back and close my eyes for me. My eyelids feel so heavy, from the pressure they’re putting on them. I try to open them back up, this time putting more effort into it.

Finally! I wake up. And usually that’s enough but last night the dream kept coming back. I keep looking at the clock and see my sleeping time is slowly being wasted, trying to battle these demons.

Finally at about 4:30 this morning I thought to myself, “If you go to sleep now, you’ll have gotten at least two and a half hours in before you have to get up for work. So I attempted to close my eyes again and get some restful sleep but as soon as I did, I could hear the demon laughing, and waiting for his next chance at sucking the life out of me.


8 responses to “Nightmare On Twinkie’s Street

  1. This would be why I take massive amounts of sleeping pills every night.

  2. ha! Actually, I’ve tried Ambien and Elavil

    *Elavil is a mild antidepressant which in slow doses can help you sleep.

    But I find that even when my body stays asleep, my mind is still on overdrive.

  3. I said SLOW doses but I meant LOW doses.. hahahahahah

    My mind is SLOW today, sorry! tee hee.

  4. Your dream is creepy. What the heck is going on? But as scary as it was, this part Tries to open my eyes made me giggle.

  5. haha… I do that alot. I reason with myself in my nightmares. As you can see, I have nightmares freaquently. Unfortunately so do two of my kids. Ive already taught one of them the mind control thing, where you ask yourself “is this a dream or reality” and if you’re asking yourself, obviously it’s a dream and if you try hard enough you can control it. etc.
    But I’m still teaching my younger one that concept. He’s not quite there yet.

  6. frequently… sorry for the misspell.

  7. I used to have this one recurring dream. It was about a chase. Had me waking up in sweat like one night a month for a year.

  8. A lot of times dreams “mean something”.. sometimes they are just an extension of whatever you watched on t.v. that night, or a conversation you’ve had, etc.

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