Take Your Customer Service And Shove It Your HooHaw!

What’s up with customer service lately? I mean, seriously?


You go Taco Bell and of course you expect it. I mean, after all, it’s teenagers getting paid minimum wage and for them? Taco Bell isn’t work. It’s a place to socialize with a minor inconvenience of having to feed people from time to time.

You go to a coffee shop, though? And you expect a little bit different type of service. After all, they live off their tips right? Still, the service seems to suck more and more there too. It’s like they feel entitled to their tips and don’t feel they have to work for them. It’s like eating at Mel’s Diner. The waitress chew gum and choc full ‘o attitude.

THEN there’s the steakhouses.

How can you get bad service while paying $30.00 for a piece of meat? And yet? You get BAD SERVICE. You always excuse it. Well, maybe there busy. Maybe they’re having a bad day. Maybe?

You ask for medium rare and it comes back well done. You ask for well done and it comes back pink. You ask for a refill and she says, “Yes, one second please. Let me just go socialize with the cute boys on table 6 and then I’ll get back to you.”

It’s really hard pressed to find good service nowadays. Can you tell me where you local favorite is and if it’s because of their customer service or is it the food? Or what keeps you going back?


9 responses to “Take Your Customer Service And Shove It Your HooHaw!

  1. The District Chophouse in DC… and THIS is how I surprised I was to get amazing service:


  2. a CHOP house? Oh oh. I’m afraid to look! LOL

  3. @ LiLu… the DC Chophouse… hmmm… they have decent beer though!

    Oh, and service is what YOU can do for the waiters/waitresses, right?

  4. Ok so the Chophouse is a restaurant? Weird name for a restaurant BUT they gave great service! So YAY!! If you’re ever in DC go eat at the Chophouse. Tell Lilu sent you through a friend, Twinkie! They’ll know exactly what you’re talking about! Tee hee.

  5. [F]oxy… don’t they WISH that what it meant. Well, actually, lately I guess they DO think that’s what it means. Geezzzzzzzz.

  6. I can’t name a one. They either do the above, or they are filthy, or they overkill you with kindness, “HI, MY NAME IS GARY I’LL BE YOUR SERVER TONIGHT CAN I GET YOU ANYTHING BUT FIRST (KNEELING DOWN) LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY ACTING CLASSES.

  7. and p.s. Twinkie…I left a response to your comment over on my blog.

  8. And another p.s….I left you a song by The Twinkeyz and a link over at my blog, Twinkie. I gotta run. It’s been an interesting blog day.

  9. P.S. I love anyone who uses the word “Hoo-Ha.” I.e. YOU.

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