Has Etiquette Gone Down The Toilet?

Do you remember the cute little signs that were crochet by Nana that read “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.”

The first time I ever came across one of those I must have been a kid or something, and hadn’t ventured out to too many public restrooms because I thought it was the cutest lil’ ol’ sign I’d ever seen.

NOW? I feel Nana’s frustrations. How hard is it? If you PISS ALL OVER THE DAMNED TOILET SEAT BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO STUPID TO LIFT UP THE SEAT (IF YOU’RE A MAN) OR JUST PLAIN STUPID (WOMAN) for the love of all that is holy… wipe it up. It’s NOT that hard.

What are we turning into? Primates?

What are we turning into? Primates?

I mean seriously! Is there no bathroom etiquette or decency anymore?

Or ok, so it’s not always piss, but it’s still gross to see… the overflow of toilet water mist from those hard core flushers. You know the kind? They flush with so much force you’re afraid it’s gonna take you down with it?

But guess what? It literally takes about 4 seconds to wait till the toilet is done flushing and spraying and misting on the seat. Get some toilet paper. WIPE THE SEAT.

It’s not rocket science folks.

Or what about the butt crust? You walk into a public restroom and there’s little crusties of toilet paper lint on the seat. WOW. Really?

The other day I went to use a public restroom only to find one single black LONG pubic hair on the toilet seat. Yes, folks. Now you can’t even bother to look back and see if your nasty assed unshaved sasquatch mess down there is leaving a trail?


Wax that shit. Or at least? PLEASE? Look back to make sure you didn’t leave some locks of love behind.

Although as gross as that was? That isn’t even as bad as walking in to a seat sprinkled with somebody else’s urine. That one is still the grossest.

Or worse! You walk in to find the toilet seat cover still ON the seat. With piss sprinkles on it.

Now that’s just damned insulting. It grosses YOU out to sit in a dirty assed public toilet seat, right? So how in the world do you think I feel when I walk in to YOUR mess?

You dumb lazy bitch. Show some human decency.

Clean up after yourself.


This post is inspired by PQ Nation’s TMI THURSDAYS 


13 responses to “Has Etiquette Gone Down The Toilet?

  1. That monkey just MADE my day.

    And this is ALMOST a TMI Thursday, yanno…

  2. You think so? I was thinking about putting one together about farting in a public restroom with somebody in the stall next to you? LOL Well, maybe I’ll save that for next Thursday!

  3. *edited to link up to PQ Nations bloggy… venture out and read other people’s embarrassing stories that make you say, WHOA… That’s TooMuchInformation.

  4. I hate public restrooms. With a passion.

  5. Yeah! Me too. I try very hard not to go but sometimes it can’t be helped

  6. ok so most of you know I blog at two different other blog sites… right?

    well the comments for this particular entry are HIfreakenLARIOUS!!! so I thought I’d share them here!

  7. posted by msjosey on Apr 9, 2009 at 09:58 AM

    LOL! The pubic hair is the grossest. Some I swear are long enough to be a strand from your head. Some people are just lazy with no manners. I’m going to Coachella next week I am NOT lookin forward to using the porter potties there, yuck!

  8. Oh gawdddd! hahahah Porta Potties are a blog post all on their own! LOL

  9. posted by msjosey on Apr 9, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    Oh gosh speaking of Etiquette, I just took an phone order and the lady was peeing on the phone! Yes peeing, I even heard the toilet flush, totally gross!

  10. hahaahahah…. now THAT is funny. I hope she at least wiped the seat afterwards. LOL

  11. UGGH! Public bathrooms are so much more disgusting than they actually need to be. Yuck. I loved the pictures though! Great rant – you speak for many.

  12. Thanks. Yeah. Everybody’s got a horror story

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