Gilles Marini

So if you bothered clicking on the link before, you know that my cousin Kim has met Gilles Marini (hot sexy neighbor on the Sex And The City movie) before while at a school field trip at the Los Angeles Zoo.

What you may NOT know is that she has contacted him through his website and he said they should take a more recent picture Monday, during the Dancing With The Stars taping.

So I waited and waited in anticipation to see if this would actually happen. If it did I was gonna post the pictures here. But it didn’t. All that happened is that he waved at her and said he’d be right back but never came back. He then proceeded to dance not as great as usual but still got three 9’s from the judges.

I jokingly told Kim she made him nervous and therefore he lost concentration! hahaha..

Seriously though? I wonder what was going through his head about her? Fan or potential stalker? hahahahahah…

Also, sorry I’ve been M.I.A lately. Mr. Twinkie contracted a flesh eating bacteria on his leg called “strep leg” and he’s been in the hospital since Thursday. He was finally released Monday but is still hurting and not doing too good. Oh..I mean..he’s doing ok as far as his leg is healing just fine but the antibiotics knock him off his ass and make him sick to his stomach.

The whole situation has been pretty stressful for me. Yes ME! hahaha.. Ok maybe for him too? But mostly me.

Before you think I’m a self centered biotch let me explain!  The scariest part wasn’t the leg, you see. It was that no matter how bad it got he refused to go the E.R. I mean, HELLO??? If the fact that your leg is full of flesh eating bacteria isn’t a good reason to seek medical help… well then, hell? What is?

Of course I shouldn’t talk TOO much shit because from the pictures I’ve seen on the internet it could have gotten much worse.

Which incidentally,  is what I kept telling him.

“WHY do you want to wait till it’s eaten away most of your leg when we can treat it aggressively NOW?”

 He finally obliged after five days of pain after he got his first oozie sore.

Well, that’s it for now. Make sure you check out the link to the Gilles Marini story. The pictures are quite scrumptious. Seriously. And if you still don’t know who he is can I just say two words to you?

 “FULL FRONTAL” (on the Sex And The City Movie) and “PERFECT SCORE” on Dancing With The Stars with Cherryl Burker, who by the way is the best dancer/choreographer EVER!!





4 responses to “Gilles Marini

  1. Twinkie! welcome back, I was missing you… I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Twinkie, this must have been a pretty scary ordeal, I am glad you got him to the ER and he is doing better. Besos!

  2. Thank you, Titania! I miss reading all my blog favorites too. Hopefully I’ll catch up by this weekend!

    It was a sorta scary ordeal but everything looks promising! 🙂

  3. Why do you have an apostrophe in the word “Twinkie” in your blog title?

  4. I don’t, actually. Worpress added it.
    The name of the blog is “Somebody Stole My Twinkie”

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