Tobin James

Last night after work I took Big Mickey to Wal Mart. He had money and wanted to buy Pokeman cards.

I also had to pick up antibiotics from the pharmacy for Annequin. He has an absyss from the tooth he broke last summer (poor kid) so we’re trying to get the absyss to go away then the dentist is going to kill the nerve? OR pull the tooth out. Not quite sure where we’re going with that one yet. It all depends on what he sees once he gets in there I guess? All I know is that this time no matter how much laughing gas he gets, it’s gonna hurt!

Annequin at his last dentist appt

Annequin at his last dentist appt

Anyways, then I took Annequin to baseball practice, then came home and made dinner. I was really wore out. This past week or so has been hectic.

Annequin and Big Mickey's little league picture

Annequin and Big Mickey's little league picture

So I opened a bottle of Tobin James Reserve Label Cabernet Sauvrignon.

WOW! Can I just say? LIQUID GOLD. It was one of my favorite bottles so far! The only problem is that it was soooooo good I drank the whole bottle so I’m feeling a little sluggish this morning.

Oh well! Nothing a lunch from my favorite Mexican restaurant won’t cure!

8 responses to “Tobin James

  1. The boys look adorable. I’ll have to check out that wine.

  2. Thank you. They are big ol’ hams and I love ’em!

    YES you MUST check out their wine. The Cab Sauv and their “Fat Boy” Zinfandel are my favorites. We belong to two wine clubs for wineries in Paso Robles:
    Tobin James and Justin’s

    While I love Justin’s wine, Tobin is my favorite winery because it’s FUN to wine taste at their winery. It’s like hanging out with friends. Justin’s is a bit more stuffy and pretentious but their wine is yummy for my tummy. <<<– me being soooo not stuffy and pretentious! LOL

  3. I will definitely be checking that out! I’m a total lush, I mean wino, I mean connoisseur of fine wines…

  4. hee heee…. sounds like you and I could be lush partners.. oops I mean best friends in real life! LOL

    Actually my bestie Teen Barbie is the ONLY girl I know that can keep up with me!

  5. These kids today have it a bit easier. When I was a kid back in the 80s my dentist didn’t have laughing gas. He would inject my gum with this huge ass needle to put the nerves to sleep before he operated. That hurt! I feel deprived… I want laughing gas 😦

  6. Don’t you remember all those cheesy 80’s movies with the funny laughing gas skits?

    Truth be told, laughing gas has been around since before the 80’s.

    In fact the reason we switched dentists is because our other dentist didn’t have that option and me and my Baby Twinkie both have very sensitive gums.

    I just thought of another one of my Tobin James favorites! If you prefer white wine their Reisling is to die for!

  7. noted. i’m always looking for booze recommendations.

  8. You have the cutest kids!

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