The Swine Flu in VEGAS?

I recently posted on my other blog about how I’m going to Vegas Thursday and how excited I am. I even posted pictures (1) and links (2) of my previous Vegas trips (3) since we go twice a year and somebody posted a comment about being careful and to take hand sanitizer. I’m assuming it’s a statement meant to warn me about the Swine Flu that is causing quite a stir accross the nation.

NOW…. I hope I’m not jinxing myself here but I don’t believe in that hand sanitizer stuff. OR in flu shots. In fact, I think that everytime they come up with a vaccine for one strain, it mutates it into a different strain. We should just have allowed ourselves to have the (regular unmutated) flu and it would have made our immune systems stronger.

I’ve never had a flu shot EVER and I’ve only gotten the flu ONE time in my life.

PLUS everytone in my little town has gotten a bad case of two day stomach flu the past month INCLUDING my kids friends and none of us have gotten it.

 I joke that it’s probably all the dirt I allowed my kids to eat when they were younger. It made for strong stomachs! LOL But I kinda sorta believe that.

Parents that are too protective of their kids getting “germs” from playing with dirt, or putting stuff in their mouths only create kids with sensitive systems. (in my opinion, anyways… )

**DISCLAIMER: this in no way is backed by any scientific data of any kind and is probably disproved by data somewhere so please don’t even bother trying to “correct me” if I’m wrong. I mean, feel free to give me your opinion but don’t waste pages and pages and pages of data trying to disprove me and then feel disappointed at my ignorance because I refuse to look at the data because my mind is made up. 🙂

***also…. I’m half joking about my disclaimer so don’t get your panties or boxers all up in a knot. Relax. This blog is for entertainment purposes ONLY. It’s not like I’m trying to change the world or anything. Geez! LOL

(1) There is No Such Thing As A Cold In Vegas, posted Friday, December 22, 2006

(2) It’s Vegas Baby! posted Friday, April 27, 2007

(3) The Thing About Vegas Is…. posted Sunday, December 23, 2007


6 responses to “The Swine Flu in VEGAS?

  1. I agree! I played in so much dirt and filth as a child and I’m fine. Never had a flu shot either. You’ll be fine, it’s all media hype!

  2. *we both say as our noses start turning into snouts…

    hahahahah… just kidding.. *knock on wood*

  3. I don’t dig the word “swine” so i’m calling it the ham flu.

  4. *oink *oink..
    The swine flu by any other name still stinks like ham! 🙂

  5. I agree, I don’t get flu shots. When I worked in pharmacy, they always wanted me to and I never did and I was around sick people coughing and sneezing on me all the time. I rarely get sick (knock on head) and my son hasn’t been sick since third grade and he is now a freshman in high school (Perfect attendence for 6 years running!) I think if we eat well, sleep well, exercise, and do all those things we should do anyhow, we are more apt to be healthy. I’ve never gotten all the hysteria around these flu’s. And I agree, that the strain just mutates and probably the people who keep getting flu shots are going to be the first to croak when a nasty one comes.

  6. I had never gotten a flu shot until I was pregnant. And then I got one each time b/c I didn’t want the guilt associated with something happening to my baby b/c I wouldn’t get one. But I’ve hardly ever been sick in my life. Now, I am obsessed with hand sanitizer, but only b/c it’s a psychological game. When I use it, I imagine all the little germies jumping off my hands yelling, “No! No! Not the hand sanitizer!”

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