Life Sucks. Or Does it?

Bad things that have happened the past few days:

1. my body hurts. BAD. I have fybromayialgia and so I’m used to constant pain but the past few days it’s been awful.

2. my daughter’s car was vandalized. Somebody spray painted fuck u on it while it was parked either at school or home late the night before.

3. My Expedition needs brakes. It also needs the A/C fixed. Not only does it not blow cold.. it’s stuck on HOT and so is always blowing hot air through the vents even when it’s on “off”

4. the day my daughter’s car was vandalized I also had to return the tables I borrowed to my buddy which left with NO time to eat for lunch. That caused my blood sugar to go low and I was irritated and cranky.

5. the same day my daughter’s car was vandalized, my son needed to return his dad’s car to him in Bakersfield so I drove him there. (after a stressful day in which I just wanted to RELAX when I got home.)

6. While driving to Bakersfield, my hubby calls. He left his work tools in my Expedition so I offered to meet him in the town he works at to deliver them to him. This of course made my Bakersfield trip short which meant I couldn’t go visit my sister the way I’d planned.

7. Not only did I take his work tools. I also took his truck keys. He had to get a ride to work.

8. Today I decided I deserved a “treat” since I’ve had a few shitty days where it seems like everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong (way more than what I’m writing about here.. ) so I went to the Mexican ice cream shop where they make the most delicious fruit cocktails.. you know the kind? With the cucumber and watermelon, and melon and papaya and mango and they add lemon and chile and salt.. yummmmm…. only to find out that they are CLOSED on Wednesdays. DAMN. I guess I don’t deserve a treat. Yet.


Good things that have happened the past few days

1. While my body hurts. BAD. I’m so grateful that it is not at this level every day or I would just SHOOT myself and get it overwith.

2. I sent my daughter to the body shop to have the paint removed and they didn’t charge us ANYTHING because the paint was fresh and so it was easy to clean off.

3. This incident allowed me to show my daughter how life happens but to every problem, there is a solution so there is no reason to stress out or get pissed or let it get her down. It was a good learning experience for her.

4. when I returned the tables I was able to get the grand tour to my buddy’s house. I missed his housewarming party because we were out of town so I was excited to see his new digs!  Also, my daughter brought me a sandwich so I would make it through the day. That was sweet.

5. On the way back from dropping the car off at his dads, my son and I had a great time talking and laughing and listening to music and singing along too! I don’t get very moments like that with him anymore.

6. My body still hurts. BAD. But hopefully a glass tonight will help! 


When God Let's it rain He's Always got a Rainbow up his sleeve!

When God Let's it rain He's Always got a Rainbow up his sleeve!


3 responses to “Life Sucks. Or Does it?

  1. Ouch…I’m sorry…this too shall pass..right? *hugs*

  2. yes, it will! 🙂

    That’s why everytime something “stressful” happened I would take a deep breath and let it go. Then something else happened…. deep breath… etc. LOL

    Except for sometimes I allow myself to get into “whoa is me” mode and that’s when I’ll bust into tears over the dumbest shit … like.. I stubbed my toe after I spilled a glass of water on myself while trying to avoid dropping a very important file and then dropping the file anyways, papers everywhere, spilled water, stubbed toe… waaahhh waahhhh… my life sucks. LOL

    Then stuff like yesterday happened where it’s gonna cost me money that I don’t have and instead of stressing I’m like. ladee-dah.. laddeeh-da!

    This blog post was more a stress reliever for me. Like.. look… shit happens but it’s nothing. Just a bump on the road.

    When I was younger I used to be what I call a “self inflicted victim of the world” but I’m soooo over that! hahah.. I love life. I love MY life. I love being alive. I love people. All kinds of them. Different personalities make the world go ’round and make human interaction interesting.

    Then I read news like “My Daddy Ate My Eye” and this other one about this FERAL CHILD found living with dogs and then the news about Mike Tyson’s daughter dying from an accidental extrangulation on a TREADMILL and it makes me so sad yet grateful that my problems are petty shit.

    A few years ago I almost lost my youngest so news like that just breaks my heart and brings back bad memories. Yah know? I’m just feeling grateful today. That’s all.

  3. who closes on wednesdays?! that’s just stupid and they all deserve to be kicked.

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