My Daddy Ate My Eye Out.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrific news about a dad being possibly on a PCP trip and eating his son’s eyes out? Right?

I think it made national headlines.

If not, you can read one the prelim reports here:

Aparently this guy and his wife had been checked on by CPS before but the child wasn’t taken away. It takes a LOT for a child to be taken away from his/her parents.

I mean, the system figures, if a kid should be abused it should happen at home by his loving parents and not through the foster care system/a complete stranger who will be paid with our tax dolars to do it.

Anyways, later the news reported that the little boy told detectives, “My daddy ate my eye out” and also tried to eat his other eye and his hands and other parts of his body. He then proceeded to attempt to hack his leg off. In guilt? Or because he knew if he was injured he could avoid prison? I don’t know?

All I know is that reports say the little boy is now permanently blind in both eyes.

So sad. It makes me sick to my stomach. He was such a cute little boy!


2 responses to “My Daddy Ate My Eye Out.

  1. that is HORRIFYING

  2. was his dad Hannibal Lecter?
    Lame joke. I know.

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