Uma Thurman Murders Ex Boyfriend

*this post was edited in light of new evidence that he did not commit suicide.

Well, OK not Uma, but her character in Kill Bill.

Actor David Carradine was found dead in Bangkok. He was found hung in the hotel room he was staying at while filming “Stretch.”

 Originally, the police department and media was trying to say he committed suicide. They later stated he might have died by accidental suffocation while performing “auto-erotic asphyxsiation.”

But doesn’t this just SMELL like Kill Bill Volume 3?

On Kill Bill Volume 1, Bill (David Carradine) and his assassins show us just how devious and skilled they can be at the art of murder. It also shows us how cold and callous Bill is, and how the baby Umah was carrying before being left for brain dead in a coma is HIS.

Kill Bill Volume 2 is all about Umah Thurman’s character showing us HER skills. Not only does she finish off everyone and anyone who had something to do with her child’s murderer (she thought her child was dead) but she also finishes off her mentor/lover Bill.

Of course Bill is very skilled and conniving. 

Which brings me to my theory. What IF he didn’t really die? And WHAT IF Umah’s character found out and came back to finish the job?

And what IF the media is covering it up? I mean, why come back from the dead just to HANG yourself?

Doesn’t make sense right? I smell a cover up!

Hu? What? who? You mean to tell me that Bill is a fictional character and it was all acting and I must be high or something to come up with such a stupid ass theory about a real life suicide?

Well in that case. My bizzle.

And, I hope you rest in peace, Mr. Carradine. You were a truly talented actor and I honestly can’t think of any reason REALLY GOOD REASON why you would want to end your life.

In fact, if you DID in fact kill yourself, I think this makes you a selfish coward. Which is NOTHING like the character you portrayed so well on Kill Bill.

Now, if you died accidentally while trying to get your jollies? Then more power to you!

Click here for David’s biography and news about his death.

Obit Carradine


4 responses to “Uma Thurman Murders Ex Boyfriend

  1. now i have that whistle song in my head. it takes days to go away. DAYS!

  2. hahaha, love the song!

  3. I have the whistle song in my head too… but I love it. It makes me feel badass. Rawwwr.

  4. Hahaha! Yeah! Interesting song and bad ass film! Who woulda thought Bill was a sexual deviant, hu?

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