Whatever Lola Wants

For lack of anything interesting to say, let me show you what happens in my back yard every day.

Lola, our Boston Terrier is a very ferocious guard dog. She protects us from dangerous, vicious wild life such as birds, catterpillars and…


YES people. We have a very dangerous monster living in our pool. It’s white, has a long neck and it attacks unprovoked. In fact, I was just laying out last weekend minding my own business when it reared it’s ugly head and attacked me then immediately hid back into the deep, deep waters of the mirky pool. 

*(ok it’s really CLEAR water but murky sounds much scarier, doesn’t it?)

We have named this monster the Pool-chness monster due to similarities between it and the infamous Lochness Monster.  It only comes out during certain times of the day (because that’s what we have it programmed to do) But when it does… Lola is READY to attack.

Now of course as much as she tires, poor defenseless Lola is NO match for this pool-chness monster so sometimes she requires some help.

This is when Sasha steps in. Sasha is her trusty sidekick. Doesn’t every hero need a trusty sidekick? And Sasha having lived in the streets and under a restaurant until we rescued her is the best sidekick ever. Sasha not only has “street smarts” but she also has more experience and is always willing to teach Lola new moves.


After they both attack this thing and make it go back deep deep in the waters they expect a little pat on the back. Or a treat.


We usually oblige.

2 responses to “Whatever Lola Wants

  1. How could you not, with those puppy dog eyes? I am a SUCKER for Bahstun terriers.

  2. Aw! those eyes! I’d love to kiss that forehead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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