Are you an APPhole?

I recently read an article about how technology is breeding a new sort of pompous asshole. He/she is called the apphole.

You know the kind? They have an iPhone or other type of smartphone and so they are constantly showing off the technology that is right at their fingertips?


My friends and I are guilty of this. We’ll be sitting around having a conversation and a subject will come up and we will question the answer or subject matter and then somebody will inevitably say, “GOOGLE IT”… and so there we all go, all of us on our phones trying to get the information faster than the other person.

In fact we always joke that we’re addicted to If were a man, I’d marry him. Or at least have an ilicit affair with him.


For a while there, I was very much into an APP called Lose It..


forever counting my calories or telling people how many calories they were consuming as far what cocktail they were drinking, etc.


We’re also always checking the news or the weather.

I never really thought it was annoying until recently. My recently witnessed a group of people talking about something… I forget what? Anyways, one person disagreed with them and said so.

So the other person very obviously ANNOYED at their friend for disagreeing said, “Go head! (insert rolling of the eyes sarcastically here) Go ahead and google it. Gawd.. I hate having conversations with you sometimes. You always gotta try to prove people wrong with your stupid phone. You can’t stay off google for two seconds to save your life.”

I giggled internally and IMMEDIATELY thought of the article I’d read. I guess when it’s not a mutual love for smartphones it could be a little annoying and could make you an apphole in somebody elses mind.

As for me? I’m just glad me and my friends all have a mutual love and respect for google. And our iPhones!


3 responses to “Are you an APPhole?

  1. i think if i was having drinks with you, i’d hide your iphone in a planter. but then maybe you’d want to leave.

  2. You wouldn’t need to. I’d probably leave it in my purse because it’s rude to pay more attention to your phone than to the person in front of you. It’s only fun to get on google if your friends are in it too! See?I’m not a complete apphole! LOL


    Although, if you ALL have it? It’s okay. It’s when one person is sitting there with a Razr from 2006 that it’s a problem…


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