“Flying was his life,” she said. “He died doing what made him happiest.”

A pilot by the name of Craig Lennell died yesterday morningwhile his Continental Airlines Flight 61 was en route from Brussells to Newark. All of America knew about it, thanks to the media,  including his wife Linda Lennell. But the passengers were clueless.


That’s appropriate, I think. No need to freak them out when everything is under control. But still.

In hindsight if I were a passenger on that flight I would still think, “DAMN… death was amongst us and I didn’t even feel it. Creepy!”

Anyways, my heart goes out to his family.

When I woke up this morning I remembered the news article I read yesterday morning before getting super busy at work and I wondered what happened once the plane landed so I went to Yahoo News and found the article. Turns out they think he might have had a heart attack.

His wife Linda says he was very healthy and had yearly physicals that said so. Pilots must pass a physical every six months to remain qualified to fly.

Just goes to show, when it’s your time there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

Anyways.. I’m not gonna babble on about the meaning of life, or about how unexpected life is, or about how great the crew on this specific flight remained professional the whole time and handled themselves very well in spite of what happened.

I just wanna say one thing. One sentence out of the whole article that you can read HERE stuck out for me.

The pilot’s wife was quoted as saying that he died doing what made him happiest.

My immediate thought was, “Really? You think he would have liked dying while at WORK? Cuz as much as I love my job… if I have a choice as to how to go, and that choice would be to die doing what makes me happiest? I’d die while sipping on a nice cold beer or maybe a nice chilled bottle of Mumms Cuvee and eating chocolate covered strawberries while having sex.”



2 responses to ““Flying was his life,” she said. “He died doing what made him happiest.”

  1. I grew up a few minutes from one of the most prestigious flight schools in the country and therefore have lots friends that are professional pilots. Compared to people in other professions, they seem to love what they do the most… it’s almost spiritual for them, I think.

  2. and listening to nirvana based on that pic. which gives you oodles of street cred.

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