The kid is NOT my son!

Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'


I just took a Facebook quiz that asks “Which Michael Jackson song are you?” The results?

Black or White!

All I have to say about that? Black OR white…. whichever Michael was your favorite, he is a worldwide musical phenomenon! He’s a legend. The King of Pop and we all have our Michael Jackson memories, wether we were fans or not!


I remember having a crush on a guy in 8th grade because he dressed like Micheal Jackson. He had the jacket with the zippers and white socks and the white glove and was a pretty good breakdancer. LOL Did the moonwalk damned good too.

I dreamt that someday him and I would have little Michael Jackson looking babies! ha.

Then for a while there was a time when it wasn’t “cool” to like Michael. But everyone still did and just didn’t tell each other about it, I’m sure. I remember thinking, “For someone who doesn’t like Micheal, you sure know all his songs!” hahahah.. In the meantime, my side of the “wall” in the small bedroom I shared with my sister was COVERED in Micheal Jackson posters. I think I even have a picture of me floating around the house in front of all my posters. I’ll have to dig it out.

Michael had a rough childhood as a kid and I think he never quite really “grew up” and was a kid at heart.

And mentally.

He related more with kids than grown people and I think while he was maybe a little innapropriate in his relationships with them (sleepovers, sleeping in the same bed, etc) I can honestly say that I don’t believe he “molested” them. I just don’t think he had enough common sense to realize that was innappropriate behavior for a grown man.

He had the heart and soul of a child which is why he was so easily exploited by those around him ready for a handout and a quick buck.

Even all his legal problems have never been able to take away from his musical legacy. Musicians emmulate him to this day and probably will from years to come.

Anyways, that is my Michael Jackson tribute. I’ve left this comment on every Michael Jackson post I’ve read today then I figured, what the hell. Might as well post it here too!


3 responses to “The kid is NOT my son!

  1. I haven’t done one yet ..I feel I should . I loved him so much. I mean… not in a crazy fainting stalker fan way. lol.

  2. Heh… I was reading this and thought, “Wait… I’ve read this before…” Way to maximize your blogging/commenting efficiency! 😉

  3. love you forever king of pop kisses and hugs see you in heaven R.I.P

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