In case of emergency

I had a near death experience while swimming laps in my pool this Saturday.

I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a workout while in the pool with my boys. So after playing a bit of volleyball with them I started swimming laps.

Well, I don’t think I need to tell you how bad of shape I’m in, right?

So about the third lap my legs feel sluggish. And my lungs start to hurt a bit. But I decide to push myself. I mean, “no pain, no gain” right?

Halfway through the fourth lap I start to feel the “burn” and think to myself.. this is good, right?
But then my legs got really tired. My lungs hurt, my legs cramped up. I didn’t know what to do. Should I turn around and go back? Wouldn’t it be sooo ironic if I drowned. Right here. Right now? With only a few strokes back to safety?

At first it was funny but then I started to panic. I can’t seem to push myself to go any further. This was gonna be the death of me. I’m going to die! Drowned. In the pool. With my family inside. They are going to come outside in a few minutes and see me floating. With fluid in my lungs. I hope one of them know how to ressucitate me!

Just a few more strokes.

I can’t.

It’s all I’ve got.

My life starts flashing before my very eyes. I have laundry piled up I’ll never get to. I have a stack of dishes in the sink.

I never got around to shampooing the carpets.

I should have painted the boys room a long time ago. They’ve been asking for a while.

My bathroom needs to be cleaned too. Who’s gonna take of all these things if I go??

Then I realized I could actually reach the floor and the panic subsided. But not before my life flashed before my very eyes. All the things I HAVE gotten around to doing. All the love I have that’s surrounded me. Great friends. A wonderful family. A nice house. An awesome husband.

 And can I just say something?

DAMNED I lead a blessed life! I think next time I’m in the pool I’ll cherish it by doing what I do best.


8 responses to “In case of emergency

  1. Norma,
    You are so funny!!! Here I thought you were motivated!
    Glad you were able to stand up….
    Love ya,

  2. I am motivated. To LIVE. hahahahaha I just don’t think I’m cut out for this “workout” stuff. Maybe I’ll stick to my three lap minimum. It was the fourth one that almost killed me. hehehe

  3. Norma I love you. Only you could “almost” drown in your own pool! 🙂 So when are you gonna paint the boys’ room?!? Ha!


  4. see? this is why exercise is dangerous!

  5. Kim! That’s where YOU come in! In case of emergency, see above list of items that need to be done. Don’t worry! I’ll wait till you get back from Mexico!

    Kara…. EXACTLY!

  6. That’s terrifying! Glad you’re okay…

    And, uh, LOVE that you thought about the laundry as your life flashed before your eyes. Hilarious.

  7. tee hee! Truth be told, I was just kidding .. I did panic for half a second then I got to where I could reach and was ok.

    What I was trying to say is that I live a very blessed life and when my life flashed before my eyes I had no regrets and nothing left undone except for maybe my house chores. hahaha.

  8. I helped some friends move last week and it just about killed me, so I know how you feel. I thought I was going to drop dead at any second, but apparently I was just out of shape. After four days of extreme stiffness and pain, I suddenly had a lot more pep and energy. Exercise is a good thing, when you do it now and then! I’m glad you survived your near death experience! It can definitely be an eye-opener.

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