Reunion of Sorts…

We just had our 20th class reunion last month. I haven’t talked it about it because… well? I’m not sure why? Just lazy I guess. It’s getting harder and harder to put my thoughts into words and have them make sense, I guess? But I’m not sure why?

Anyways, just a few bullet points then some pictures should about cover it without any deep thoughts about the who’s and what’s and where’s. YES? Let’s begin.

First of all… the obvious..

–         I can’t believe I’m old enough to be having my 20th class reunion. Holy mothacrakkasonofabiscuiteater! 

–         I can’t believe how RECOGNIZABLE everyone looks. I don’t know if it’s because I think 20 years is a long time so we should all be fat, wrinkled and bald so we must all work out and do Botox and plastic surgery and except for a few extra pounds here and there we all look like our high school pictures. .. or… 20 years ISN’T a long and I need to get over myself?

–         I thought it was AWESOME that we all picked up where we left off. It seemed like it was our five year reunion instead of 20 as far as our conversations and how free flowing they were. No awkwardness at all. 

Ok and now for the pictures. I obviously won’t post a bunch of people who’s permission I don’t have to use their images. So you get stuck with my usual suspects. My BFF’s whom I still talk to on a daily basis.

Twinkie, Mari, Dorp, Goocher Eva, Mari, Dorp, Goocher and Twinkie 


Twinkie, Mr. Twinkie, Dorp

Twinkie, Mr. Twinkie, Dorp 

Afterwards we went to a local club called BRyders and hung out with fellow Bakersfield bloggers: Ms. Josey, LomelEZ and another dear bakotopian Holly (who did the cover of a few magz and is currently working on locally famous band Mento Buru’s photos for their upcoming CD release named 15 Crucial Traxx.)

It was a GREAT time. I don’t typically dance (and didn’t dance at the reunion) BUT a few shots later courtesy of these crazy bako bloggers … I was cuttin’ a rug to Mento Buru and DJ Mikey! 

Anyways, good times! I felt like I went to TWO reunions. The McFarland Class of 89 Reunion, and the Bakotopian Chicas reunion too!

 It’s always fun meeting up with fellow bako bloggers whom you befriend online! 

Woot! Double the fun. 

I don’t have any pictures but hopefully one of the girls do and they can post it here! 🙂

OH And word on the street is, another fellow bako blogger, Palooka, was there. But we didn’t get introduced. Maybe next time? 


4 responses to “Reunion of Sorts…

  1. You look INCREDIBLE in those photos.

  2. Thank you! 🙂 How is the baby coming along?

  3. my reunion is coming up in about a year. and if it goes half as well as it sounds like yours did, it’ll be a huge success.

  4. Oh it will be, F.B. As long as everyone is as cool as you? It will be!

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