Operation Donut:Day One

Today marks the first day of Operation Donut:
Day one: I was craving a Starbucks first thing this morning, but changed my mind. Not only could I NOT afford it… BUT it’s a gazillion calories and I’d rather save them for something good. Like.. ummm.. LUNCH!

Then I almost made myself a café con leche but was too lazy. Well, that and we only have WHOLE milk at home which I can’t stand. It’s too thick and I get this weird, filmy taste in the back of my throat when I drink. Which incidentally? Is the same reason I don’t like ice cream.

Anyways, I get to work and become overwhelmed with this sudden desire to eat something sweet with my black coffee. At first I fight it and tell myself NO, TWINKIE!! Don’t do it. You’re self sabotaging. STOP! You’re never gonna get rid of that ponykeg gut if you keep giving in.

A few minutes later I forget and without thinking I grab three lemon crème cookies and bite into one. The minute I do? I remind myself… SELF SABOTAGE don’t do it!


Of course the self sado masochists in me decides, fuck it. Eat the cookie Norma, you can always make up for it in a different way. Swim more laps tonight. Or eat less lunch. Yeah, in other words, SUFFER later. Instead of having the chinese food you wanted for lunch, you can eat a salad. Or something.


The happy person in me decides to throw away the cookie. It’s not worth sacrificing my lunch and it’s definitely NOT worth doing extra laps in the pool. I mean, HELLO! We all know what happened last time I tried to push myself to do more laps in the pool, right?

So here I sit. Hungry. At 10:00 am. The cookie in the trash is still calling out my name.

I mean HEY!!  Having a ponykeg is not such a bad thing, right? In fact, big bellies have many GREAT uses!


It’s saying, “Norrrrmmmmmaaaa…. .I’m right here! Don’t ignore me. You know you want me. Come on… the trash can is clean. It’s ok if you dig me out and eat me. Come on! You know you soooo want to!”

But my stomach is yelling, “don’t do it Norma! You’re starving. Don’t ruin your lunch calories just for three cookies that aren’t even gonna fill you up. Do you really wanna be able to open a beer with your BIG belly button?”


bottle opening belly button!

So I’m not. But I think to myself, “I wonder if the voice in my stomach would feel the same if she knew I also have Chile and Lime “Sabrositos” in my left hand drawer?”




3 responses to “Operation Donut:Day One

  1. Thanks for the pictures!! really, was hungry before reading the post, not so much after looking at the photos 🙂

    I understand perfectly your feelings… I have been buying those organic Popsicles made with real fruit that have like 80 calories a pop, and trying to be happy with those as a treat. Not always work, but sometimes they do the trick….

  2. Oh man…. operation donut seems to be a big fail. Time to try something else. I am still mindful of what I eat. But it’s hard to say NO to the Tecates after a long days work!

  3. hey there! i was reading the article you wrote, which was quite amusing, but i noticed that you are a bit over analyzing the food. 3 cookies aren’t going to make a difference whatsoever. As long as it’s not all the time, your body will make up for it on its own.

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