Operation Donut: Day Two

Operation Donut: Day Two

Well, needless to say, day one was a total disaster. After averting the Starbucks, the Café con Leche AND the cookies, my stomach BEGGED for the Sabritones. I was stern at first and said NO, NO, NO!! But finally after much begging and pleading I finally gave in.


I told myself it’s my own fault for even having it in the drawer to begin with and from now on I just need to bring healthy snacks to munch on next time I get the urge to munch.
Then I found six packets of saltines and ate them too, thinking that well, in the way of snacking, this is probably not that bad all the while conveniently forgetting that I’d already snacked.
On Sabritones.
I ate half the bag.
In the meantime, today, day two of Operation Donut I’m sitting here thinking how many times I gave in yesterday and how that needs to STOP. As in NOW! And I really need to refocus on my weight goals.
But still. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, right? 
I just happen to have some Little Debbie’s Strawberry Shortcake Rolls in my “emergency drawer” I have to finish so I that I have nothing left in my desk to sabotage my Operation Donut so if you’ll excuse me? I gotta go.
Now, you’re probably asking, “Why can’t you just THROW away the box of Little Debbies so you can get temptation out of the way instead of eating it?”
To which my reply is, “Don’t judge me. I’m NOT addicted.  I can quit anytime I want! Besides…. hellloooooo it’s a teeny tiny Little Debbie’s Strawberry Shortcake Rolls. It’s harmless!”



One response to “Operation Donut: Day Two

  1. that first bag looks like the sabor de soledad from 30 rock:

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