Operation Donut: Day Three

Day Three was a bit more succesful, I think.

I had fruit for breakfast. No coffee.

Coffee= what can I munch on while drinking my coffee which basically translates into cookies, twinkies, zingers, etc.

The funny thing is I haven’t been drinking beer as much as I used to. I’ve always thought my beer drinking was the cause of my pony keg because I typically don’t eat fattening foods and definitely don’t eat sweets.

So the general rule has always been that when I do drink? I crave less sweets. When I don’t drink? 

Sweets galore.

Major craveage!

Ok so back to day three:

I had a turkey/salami sandwich on whole wheat for lunch. Nothing else. Not bad right? I mean, I KNOW that sandwiches are actually LOADED with calories(560 to be exact) but health-wise, a pretty good choice. What kills that good choice is if you add a soft drink, or chips, etc which is why I was pretty proud of myself.

A few hours later, though?

I rewarded myself with a strawberry shortcake roll.

I know, I KNOW!!!

Does it make you think better of me if I tell you I didn’t have dinner last night? 


Well what if I told you the reason I didn’t have dinner is because I had four beers instead? hahahahah

Oh SHUT IT! This is new to me. And it’s hard.

But today is a new day! And today? My new motto today is: 



4 responses to “Operation Donut: Day Three

  1. Trading dinner for beer is TOTALLY fair in my book.

    Except that I then go make a hot dog or pizza or something.


  2. Hahaha! I’m actually famous for stating that I’m going to “drink” my dinner … So yeah! I’ll go home, make a full-on dinner for the fam… Then not eat one bite because I want to “save my calories!”

  3. I had to go see what a strawberry shortcake roll was.

    It looks like it was sent down from heaven. I need to find one IMMEDIATELY.

  4. DUDE!!! I know, right? Now you see why I can’t bring myself to throw the box out. I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to throw away strawberry shortcake rolls. I have ONE left. I think I’ll have it tomorrow, in lieu of breakfast AND lunch! 🙂

    I’ll just drink lots and lots of coffee and water to keep me “full” enough to pull it off.

    Is it worth it? Damned straight it is!

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