Small Success

Today’s entry will be short. For one. I’m tired. And two? I’m braindead. Because I’m TIRED!

I had almost NO sleep last night. I felt like I’d drank a pot of coffee right before bed or something? WIDE AWAKE.

The plus side to that is I got to see Charlene Yi’s “serenade” to her exboyfriend Micheal Cera which was HYSTERICALLY hilarious… I couldn’t stop laughing. I was afraid I was gonna wake my WHOLE family up.


She starts off by saying she wrote a love song for her exboyfriend. She figured what better way to win him back than to write a love song about him and invite him to the Conan OBrien show where she will sing it to him. Conan asks if he’s there.

She says, “Gawd, I hope so?”

Then she looks out into the crowd and points out a complete stranger and says, “This is for you. Oh yeah, I didn’t write any words because the truth is, no words could express for how much I miss you!”

That in itself was funny haha. But it’s one of those “you had to be there” to appreciate how funny it was. BUT THEN…she proceeds to sing no, NO .. not SING.. cuz there are NO WORDS TO THE SONG! She HUMMMSSSS her love song while jamming on the guitar.

Ok maybe that’s also a location joke.. as in YOU HAD TO BE THERE. If you find it on video somewhere, I think you will laugh your ass off, SERIOUSLY!

BIG PROPS to Charlene Yi! For one thing, she rocks the guitar. And two? Great sense of humor.

Anyways, other than that… no sleep… more late night t.v. then a bunch of tossing and turning. Then wide awake at 5:00am where I proceeded to continually talk myself OUT of getting up and going for a jog around the park or something else equally constructive.

Yeah, you read right. I talked myself OUT of it. I know! Just shoot me and put me out of my fat misery for gawds sake! I do not deserve to be skinny. Not with THIS attitude, anyways!

On the plus side? Here are my results for yesterday!

*I was only over by 34 calories! *

yayayayayay! Whooo hoooooo!!!! Not bad!

My only bad choice yesterday?


Turns out it’s not as low in calories as I thought. So no more salami for me, dammit!  3 pieces equalled 204 calories. Not a salami sanwich, peeps! Just the salami itself. I COULD HAVE HAD A LITTLE DEBBIE’S STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ROLL for that amount of calories. Geezzzzz! 

I tried to do a healthy antipasto salad type of thing with the fancy lettuce, salami and an avocado and what do I get in return? 265 calories worth of SHIT! AND… a feeling of having an empty stomach!

Oh well, live and learn right?


On the plus side? I had much healthier snacks than “12 beers” hehehehehe. And they were yummy! 

A queso fresco and avocado sanwich. Filling and YUMMY! And healthy too!

A queso fresco and avocado sanwich. Filling and YUMMY! And healthy too!




5 responses to “Small Success

  1. Oh wow, I still insist that tool of your iphone is marvelous!

  2. I agree! 🙂 And BTW? Isn’t Charlene Yi really beautiful? WOW! I never really noticed until I saw her interview a few nights ago. Why she “dresses down” I have no idea. I say let your hair down, put some mascara and lip gloss on and hot damned woman! You are smokin’!

  3. OK so obviously the picture above isn’t the best example. LOL since she’s making a silly face but seriously.. google charlene yi and you will find a more flattering picture. Now look at her facial features…. BEAUTIFUL!

  4. i thought they didn’t really date, it was just for the movie.

  5. I didn’t even know they was rumors of them dating until I saw her on with David Letterman, then googled her picture to post here. That’s when I found out that they’ve supposedly been dating for three years until he broke up with her.

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