The Ya Ya’s

YES I know this ages me when I call what my friends and I have The YaYa Sisterhood. I don’t care. It’s really the only way to describe it. That movie describes our relationship so perfectly, including the madness and the “interventions.”


I mean, who else do you know that’s been best friends since the third grade? Who else has gone through every “first” together? Our kids have known each other since they were newborns.

Our girls are all grown up

Our girls are all grown up

YES! We’ve saw each other through labor but that’s not all. We’ve been there for each other’s first boyfriends, first kisses, first kids, first marriages, first divorce, first big fight, first realization that we have been friends for so long that now we’re bound to each other for life, because we all know WAY TOO MUCH about each to ever become enemies. hahaha.

The Three Amigas

The Three Amigas

I mean really biotch! You REALLY want all your deep dark secrets “out there?” Then you’re bound to me for life!

Well, at least that’s what Goocher keeps reminding us anyways. I don’t ever plan on finding out.

The weird part is? How different we are.

Dee is a workaholic. I love to work but don’t LIVE to work. Goocher? Does she even have a job??? *scratches her head and tries to remember

She’s a teacher. I’m not. Neither is Goocher.. actually I think Goocher teaches inmates how to survive once they get out jail. OK so yeah, Goocher DOES have a job. She counsels ex inmates. Me? Don’t get me near a felon.

I haven’t decided what I would do if I had to work around felons. But I think I’d cry! Or punch him in the nose. And RUN. Then cry.

 She’s a mom of three. I got her beat there! I have four children! Five if you count my husband! *wink*

Goocher is a mom of three also. Ok.. that one is a wash.

Dee is also a stepmom of two.

And here’s where it gets better! Dee’s an ASB Director. A Head Cross Country Coach. A Head Track Coach. She is driven and always on the go. She just finished her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She is a work out queen. No really? Have you SEEN her body? Looks better than Demi Moore’s and she didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars for it.


You’ve seen MY body. Nowhere close to looking like that! LOL And Goocher? Well…. let’s just say she’s thick but “buffed.”

 I guess what I’m trying to say is, Dee is probably the more sophisticated? than the rest of us Ya Ya’s?

 I say sophisticated with a little apprehension because “on paper?” YES on paper… she is the epitomy of sophistication and education.

But in real life? Well… in real life she’s the girl that takes the CHILE out of her COACH PURSE to eat with her ITALIAN food at a girls night out.

don vinos2

Gawdddd I love my friends! You can take the girl out of the McFarland ghetto but you can’t take the McFarland ghetto out of the girl!

Don’t hate me Dee… you know I got nothin’ but love for my Ya Ya!


11 responses to “The Ya Ya’s

  1. you’re from an irish ghetto? sweet!

  2. Ay pero q lindo grupo de amigas!

  3. Hahaha…. Well, the original founders might have been Irish but McFarland is predominantley a Hispanic farming community. By that, I mean rich white people own the land and us Hispanics work it! LOL in fact that’s where out moms met, while working in the fields and packing houses.

    Thrice, they really ARE beautiful girls! I love them!

  4. You’re so lucky! I don’t have any friends from childhood that I really keep in touch with. It would be nice to have that kind of history with someone. 🙂

  5. cheers to the ya ya’s! i must say i love the name. back in school we had a gang of four and we were unlike anyone else in school. though we got the best grades we were the most notorious. I still can’t forget the time we put bugs under the principal’s desk. We almost got suspended. we were called the gascoin boys. LOL! Mostly because we used to enjoy farting jokes and grossing out girls! The look on their faces after we pull out something – priceless! Though we do meet seldom and everyone of us in another corner of the world, we do share that insanity once in a while!

  6. Bugs? farts? Hahaha omg! You’re such a BOY! Hahaha

  7. What a great homage to your homies! I didn’t find my lifelong best buddies until I got to college and now we’re mostly scattered but it’s still always the same when we get back together. You all are really lucky to have one another so close by.

  8. LiLu… being friends for this long means a LOT of falling outs, a LOT of forgiving, and adjusting to our different way of lives.

    There were years where the ONLY time we actually SAW each other was three times a year.. on our birthdays. We missed each other so much and would only manage to make time to see each other ONE day a year so day we decided that we NEED friendships and we NEED “me time.” So we committed AT LEAST our birthdays to each other.

    Nowadays, our kids are older and don’t require as much attention as when they were little so we see each other more often than that. At least once a month for either a champagne brunch at a local restaurant. OR my house for swimming/laying out and I make them lunch and we hang out all day.

    Cyndy, you would think because we live so close to each other we’d visit a lot more, hu? LOL But like I said, we all have busy lives but we still talk on the phone, and now text and facebook! LOL But we make it a point to visit it each other at least once a month.

  9. It’s so crazy how much friendships can change but still feel like they first did. With some of my friends, it’s like we’re very different people from when we first met years ago, but it still works out so well.

  10. You know, for a while we were in such different stages of our lives that we really had nothing in common except our trust and shoulders to cry on even if we didn’t understand where they were coming from.

    After you get to a certain age though? You have a lot in common. Same every day life problems, same hubby issues, same insecurities, same kid drama, same work shit….. It might be different but really? It’s the same.
    One thing that has remained constant is the roles we each play. For example, Dee is the most sensitive. Goocher is the most naive. I am the most level headed. No, really. It’s true. WHAT? Don’t laugh! I’m for reals. Just ask them! WHY ARE YOU STILL LAUGHING DAMMIT? OK OK stop!!! LOL

  11. I’ve got friends that literally go back to diapers. It’s crazy, isn’t it? If I had kept all of my friends, I’d be Verizon.

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