EFF You California Politicians

This morning I was reading my usual online news when I came accross this little tidbit of information:

The review of records obtained under the state Legislative Open Records Act found that part of the $430,000 salary increases given to the California Assembly staff members went to three employees in the office of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, the Los Angeles Democrat who leads the 80-member chamber, and three to staff members of the Democratic caucus she oversees.

The San Fransisco Chronicles also reports, In the 40-member Senate, nine staffers had a boost in pay, leading to an annualized increase of $152,000.”

So let’s recap, shall we? My husband, along with all the other State employees are asked to “take one for the team” or to make a “small” sacrifice for the states “greater good.” While these bastards are getting pay raises? 

Shannon Murphy, spokesperson for Los Angeles Democrat Assembly Speaker Karen Bass even has the NERVE to defend the increases in by stating that the legislative employees are “working harder than ever.”

She said the cuts in the Assembly’s 2009-10 budget are nearly double what would have been saved by furloughing staffers three days each month.

“The pay adjustments going to Assembly staff, who have taken new jobs or duties, are about 1 percent of the reductions we’ve made,” Murphy said. “The Assembly’s budget is down, the number of Assembly staff positions is down and the Assembly payroll is down.”

Oh really now! So you FINALLY made those cuts you have made a LONG time ago so we wouldn’t have gotten in this horrible mess to begin with and we’re supposed to applaud you? 

They have also made cuts in my husband’s department and even layed some people off and guess what? 

My husband STILL gets THREE furloughs a month.

Except, GUESS WHAT? They can’t afford to have him have a day off so he gets to WORK those furlough days and NOT get paid for them.

AND? When he gets “held over” for overtime? It’s actually STRAIGHT TIME to make up for the “furlough time.”

Yeah, so don’t be bragging about the sacrifices your office has made because while the people that weren’t layed off have to “sacrifice” by working EXTRA.. they are getting PAID FOR IT while my husband does it FREE “for the greater good of California.” 

So take this Ding Dong:




Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, Shannon Murphy, all you Legislature assholes that are protecting your asses through the The Legislative Open Records Act and refusing to make your payroll records available electronically, Assemblywoman Lori Saldana, Lucy Krohn, Joe Kocurek, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Jim Evans, Alicia Trost, and Arnold Schwarzenegger for not paying more attention to these assholes who seem to be profiting from our state budget crisis.

YEAH, all of you! Take that Ding Dong and shove it up where the sun don’t shine! 

My family is willing to make sacrifices and adjust our spending but all our California politicians and employees should be willing to do the same!


4 responses to “EFF You California Politicians

  1. The arrogance of some politicians is incredible.

    You know what I think would make it better? I think it would be better if being a politician wasn’t a career; if it wasn’t a profession. Obviously, they should be compensated and get great benefits. But being a public servant should not be a for-profit industry.

  2. I think they are so used to doing whatever the hell they want and have no accountability but right now in this recession and furloughs and I.O.U.s they are using to pay the State employees, they are under a microscope. If they fart, it better not cost the tax payer money (ie:they bought tums with government funds) because we will be pissed! LOL

  3. Do not even get me started on the problems with our local economy here in CA. I wish upon stars every night that they’d let my dad have a crack at the budget. We went from having L.A. as the 10th largest economy in the entire world, to being a laughing stock across the state. Sorry about the furloughs.

  4. You know… the furloughs don’t even bother me because at MY own place of employment (a car dealership) we were asked to take a pay cut just until things got better and we all agreed. We love our boss. We love our coworkers. We were thankful to have a job since the pay cuts would mean none of had to be in fear of losing our place in the company.

    The thing that bothers me is the fact that not only did they cut his pay. They are also cutting into his overtime, deeming any doubles he pulls as basically a furlough reimbursement. WHILE he isn’t even allowed to take his “furlough” aka day off because they are understaffed.

    THEN for these politician assholes to say their own offices have already sacrificed enough? Ummm… EXCUSE ME? YOU are the whole reason for my husband’s furloughs. Assholes!

    Ok ok… off my very angr soapbox. Must.Drink.Beer.

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