Error Code 28: Can Not Restore (first generation iPhone)

auck… This weekend my iPhone shut off by itself, then came back up with THIS ERROR:


I connected it iTunes where it told me I needed to restore my phone. No problem, right? EXCEPT… it shot out the dreaded error code 28.

It won’t restore.

It gave me a few suggestions to try but after a while I realized… nothing was gonna fix my iPhone. So I looked it up on the message boards and sure enough! It seems like nobody has recovered from code 28.

Somebody said they went in to the Apple store and they were told it was a hardware problem.

However, some people it’s too much of a coincidence that it happened only after the last iPhone update. Any thoughts?


One response to “Error Code 28: Can Not Restore (first generation iPhone)

  1. Just as an update. When I called the Apple hotline the dude said he’d never heard of code 28. However, he sent me a replacement phone right away (because I had the Apple Care thingy) and all is good with the world. So far there is NO resolving this code 28 issue. But please keep calling the Apple hotline so they are aware of the issue. The good part about all this is that my phone was a first generation iPhone and since they don’t make those anymore they had to replace my phone with a 3G (second generation) WOOT!

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