I See Dancing Stars

So I guess Dancing With the Stars is back soon for a “new exciting” season. (insert sarcasm here.) I was watching E last week? Or was it Entertainment tonight? Who knows? 

I was watching one of those foo-foo shows and they’re trying to make it all exciting about who the new celebreties are and all I have to say about it is, “WHO CARES?”

The only reason last season was even halfway exciting is because Gillis Marini was on the show.


 And the only reason THAT was even exciting was because my cousin “K” had met Gilles at the zoo one year.


This year they have people like Donni Osmond and Melissa Joan Hart, etc. In other words, quasi celebreties which … ok yes.. that’s what they usually are. But this time there is no really HAWT quasi celebrity like Gilles. Unless you count Julianne Hough?

Anyways, enough about that. Let’s talk about ME.

So my “diet” is going well, I think? I forget to add my food intake into my LOSE IT App on my iPhone (PLUS MY iPhone broke two Fridays ago) so I won’t bore you with the details of what I ate and how much over my allowed calorie intake I’ve gone, but I will say that I think I’m a lot better about making good food choices since I started adding them.

It makes me more aware of why I’m overweight. For example, did you know that it’s 430 calories for each personal size Schwans frozen pizza?

I mean really? It’s a itty bitty TINY ASSED pizza!

I don’t have a scale so I can’t tell you if I’ve lost any weight. All I can say is that my size 8 pants fit a little loose now AND I recently bought a size 6. So there you go. It really makes me rethink sabotaging my diet now that I’ve seen some sort of result. I still have the pony keg belly but I figure excercise will get rid of some if WHEN I start to excercise.

I will continue with my diet and just see how it goes. The results won’t be instant because I’m not excercising but it’s kinda cool to know that the minute I DO start excercising it will be that much faster to lose my weight OR at least to keep it off.

NOW… for those of you wondering if I’m going to talk about my AWESOME, INCREDIBLY FUN impromptu trip to Vegas, let me just say this: GREEN DAY ROCKS.


The rest of the details? Well, as you all know.. what happens in Vegas….  


9 responses to “I See Dancing Stars

  1. I so agree. I just can’t get into Dancing with the Stars. So You Think You Can Dance? Love it. But it’s not about “celebrities” like the Osmonds.

  2. Oh yeah! I’m mildly addicted to So You Think You Can Dance and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

    My favorite part? Watching my boys emmulate the moves. God gave them all the rythm in my family. I wish he would have saved some for me, but oh well. That’s what beer is for. Beer makes people think they dance GOOOOOOD! LOL

  3. Impromptu trip to Vegas? Man, I could really use one of those. One more week until school starts and I am FEELING it.

  4. I know, right? LOL It is my last “free” weekend till my kids pee wee football season is over so the mini vaycay came just in time!

  5. ok green day aside, if you’re a size 8, you’re not overweight. damnit, woman.

  6. I don’t necessarily think I’m “fat” persay… but I have a ponykeg belly I would like to get rid of. Did you NOT see the picture of belly?

  7. Besides, when you’re barely 5ft tall? An 8 IS overweight!

  8. Honestly, being on DWTS is like admitting “I am a desperate D-List celebrity”. No one is winning here.

  9. they might bother me less if they stop trying to look 15 years younger than they actually are. but then, i’m not trying to stay relevant in a youth-dominated music scene, so i can’t really talk.

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