It’s Vegas, Baby!

The first night in Vegas was kind of weird. We got there kind of late, but decided, “What the hell? It’s VEGAS, baby! So let’s freshen up and go downstairs and find something to do.”

 We quickly remember that McFaddens at the Rio had all you can drink night for women, with a $13.00 cover charge on Thursdays.

Twinkie is ecstatic when she hears "ALL YOU CAN DRINK FOR $13.00"

Twinkie is ecstatic when she hears, “ALL YOU CAN DRINK FOR ONLY $13.00 IN VEGAS!”

They also have a beer pong tournament going on.

This gratuitous beer pong booty picture is for you male readers. You're welcome!

This gratuitous beer pong booty picture is for you male readers. You're welcome!

AND they have dancing! *Bar dancing is highly encouraged.

No Twinkies were involved in the making of this picture.

No Twinkies were involved in the making of this picture.

Anyways, I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth. Soooooo……

I drank.





"Dink till you can't drink no more!" is Twinkie's Vegas motto.

"Dink till you can't drink no more!" is Twinkie's Vegas motto.

The next day we recovered by the pool. And by “recovered” of course I mean drank some more.
*Don’t judge me. It’s VEGAS, baby!
 After that, we went up to our room. Got dressed. And headed out to the ever-so-kick-ass Green Day concert at Mandalay Bay.
green day
Yes, I know…. all you hard core punk fans are throwing up right now because I mean, hello… it’s Green Day.. they are soooo “pop” punk and sooooo commercialized.
Yeah, well, you know what? SUCK IT. It’s MY Vegas trip not yours.
When YOU go to Vegas you can hit the underground clubs and catch some “real” punk if you want. As for me, Green Day made my very impromptu, very expensive trip worthwhile.
*Airline ticket prices are a bitch when you book last minute.

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12 responses to “It’s Vegas, Baby!

  1. Not fair….where’s the goods…I want to see the pic of you passed out…lol

  2. hahahah…. I’m right there… in the ashtray. Happily passed out after I smoked my ciggy… *wink*

  3. I’m really enjoying the fact that you brought along props to help document your trip. Excellent idea.

  4. Oh girl.. I have more fun with my Twinkie than should humanely allowed.



    oh wait… I mean.. uhmmm… that didn’t come out quite right. ….

  5. Green Day makes great music. That it’s commercial makes it even better, not worse. You’re right: all those other people can suck it.

  6. Ah Twinkie! it’s so awesome! Vegas and Green Day!!!!! I saw them in Albany like a month ago and I just loved it sooo bad! Billy Joe is such a showman! I heart them baaaaaad!

  7. thanks f.b. I get a little defensive because I got called a sell out once regarding my music choices.

    Thrice: I wanna seeee them sooo bad again. My friend that had the extra ticket saw them again this past weekend at the Roxy? I think? In Los Angeles. LUCKY BIOTCH!

  8. ok never mind that post.. LOL She was at the FORUM, not the Roxy.. hahahaha

  9. Jeremiah and I are going to fly to Vegas and get married when Elijah is old enough to leave for a few days.
    Or at least that’s what we always joke about.

  10. I think I got hungover just reading this.

    In the good way.

  11. I left my baby overnight with Gramma when he was 6 weeks old. LOL Just sayin’…. *wink*

  12. LiLu… we are going again Dec 10-13… we go every year for my birthday and do VIP somewhere.. you should meet up! 😀 I’ll show you a REAL hangover.. you’ll need to sleep it off the next day! hehehe

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