Finish This Sentence, “Have you ever been to Jamaica on ….”

This is me and my friends in Jamaica. I think it’s time we go back. OR tackle another foreign country together. They recently took a cruise to Cabo (we all take at least ONE big trip a year together) but that doesn’t really count as a foreign country.


We couldn’t go, thanks to the Sacramento asshole politicians that can’t seem to come up with a viable California State Budget (but they somehow still managed to give their staff a raise) so Arnie has imposed two fulrough days that have cut into our vacation money. I can’t wait till this mess is done and over with and we get our life back!


5 responses to “Finish This Sentence, “Have you ever been to Jamaica on ….”

  1. What I want to know is who in that photo is old enough to have an 18 year old kid. Seriously.

  2. uh, that would be me! LOL The one in the white skirt. And he’s 19 years old now. My daughter is 18. Then my other two kids are 10 and 9. I was 18 when I had my first though.

  3. Looks like a fun group! Next time can I come with you?

  4. That was just half the group. The other half was staying on the other side of the resort.

    And the next big trip is Vegas Dec 10-13 and the answer is YES. We’re staying at tha Palms, and VIP’ing at the Playboy Club

  5. I couldn’t find your email anywhere!
    I have brown (truffle) and light brown (camel) left over from a custom order and was wondering if you were still interested in a ‘Don’t Slouch Tam’…

    You can email me at

    I’m going to crash your trip to Vegas in December! Is that alright?!

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