Twitter THIS

Because you’re not already annoying enough on MySpace…

Because you don’t already spend enough time sending me emails that prompt me to quickly go check out your blog so that I don’t miss the latest and greatest happenings of your life….

Because you don’t already write enough crap on my Facebook wall….

Because you don’t already ask me enough times when I see you face to face if you’ve read the blog about the…

Now you’re expecting to ask me if I will please OH pretty please Twitter with you?




No, no NO!! I’m not doing it. NOT DOING IT. Sorry friends that have sent me Twitter requests or whatever they are called.

I will NOT

Twitter with a mouse.

I will NOT

shall not

Twitter in your house.

I will not

Twitter in a tree

I will not Twitter

till you pee

I cannot

Twitter if you cry

I shant not

Twitter till I die.

sorry. CAN’T



Well, at least not yet. Maybe I’ll change my mind later. But for now… technology is not only moving way too fast for me, it’s also annoying the hell out of me.


9 responses to “Twitter THIS

  1. I actually wrote this back when Twitter first came out. A “myspace” friend kept sending bulletins to join their twitter feed, or whatever it’s called. Then emailed the request. Then even wrote a blog about it. I’d had enough.. hahhahahaha.

    I’m happy (or should I be embarrassed?) to report that I have yet to succumb to the Twitter pressure.

  2. I joined Twitter and rarely use it. I can’t understand what is gained in using it, versus texting someone or sending email or…gulp…calling them.

  3. EXACTLY!!!!! As if myspace bulletins, mass emailing, and facebook statuses weren’t enough, right?

  4. Twitter is destroying blogging. What used to be an impetus for a well-crafted story/post is now shaved down to a 140 character quip.

  5. I’m on twitter and it’s fun. 🙂 I freaking love this post though.

    Sometimes I do worry that I’m too “connected” if that makes sense. I feel bad if I’m not online at least once a day/check my twitter feed/facebook/google reader.

    So every now and again I ignore the internet. And it feels good.

  6. Yes… information/technology overload. We are going to spontaniously combust one day! 😉

  7. if you were on twitter, i’d totally send you a “hear hear!” tweet.

  8. You may like it, you will see,
    You may like it in a tree.

    We read green eggs and ham before bed last night!

  9. Heee…. gotta love Dr. Seuss!

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