Funny Friday? With a Twist.

I think I’m gonna join the bandwagon and have themed blog days. I’ll start off with today and declare it Funny Friday. I’ll leave a funny annecdote, a joke, or a funny picture. This way you know what to expect every Friday. I haven’t figured out the rest of the days yet so for now with no further ado…. 

Funny pictures and/or tidbits of my kids.  I think this will show a little insight into the Twinkie family.

The first picture is Big Mickey. He is my ham and a half. Always crackin’ jokes. ALWAYS!  AND he doesn’t know how to just take a “serious picture.”  Oh he’ll pretend. He’ll smile for the camera then at the last minute…..

His milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.

His milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.

At the time of this picture he was obsessed with that milkshake song. You remember, right?

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. ..

When he would ask why it wasn’t ok to sing that song or pose like that for EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I would tell him, “BECAUSE I’M THE MOMMY THAT’S WHY!”  

Next is Annequin. He’s my more serious kid. But he has his moments.  I don’t ever really have to scold him. He thrives on following the rules.


My oldest son Teen Twinkie has graduated high school already. But when he was IN high school, he used to wrestle and play water polo. He never really got “into” either sport though. He just did it for fun. Teen Twinkie is a great kid with an incredible sense of humor. He gets along with everybody.
In fact one day he came home from school and said some gang bangers came up to him trying to intimidate him. They’d noticed one of his wrestling buddies was a gansta from a rival gang. They wanted to know where he stood. They asked him what he “claimed” and his first impulse was to act (goofy) gangsta tough and said in the meanest voice he could muster up, “I claim *insert the name of our NOT SO GANGSTA neighborhood here* Wut Wut… You don’t wanna mess with this!” And he pointed to his lack of muscular guns arms. 
The gangsta’s started laughing and told him, “You know what homie? You aight!” And left him alone for the rest of the year.
He later joked that he wanted to get the name of our street tattooed accross his neck. I told him, “OVER MY DEAD BODY!”
I think he was 17 in this picture. Now he's 19.

I think he was 17 in this picture. Now he's 19.

 My Princess Twinkie was in Color Guard and flag and cheer for most of her adolecense. She eventually became a volunteer Cheer and Flag Coach for different city programs. She’s my buddy. I don’t know if it’s because she’s the only girl or if it is because we are so similar and I can relate to a lot of what she’s going through as a teen.

I don’t judge her.

I don’t put her ideas down.

I just listen and give her advice.

That’s not to say that I’m too busy playing “friend” that I don’t know how to be a mom. Ask her. She’ll tell yah! I’m scary tough. But I have a feeling she respects that about me even now. It took me years after I left the house to feel that way about my own mom. This is a testament to how smart The Princess is.

When she was 13 she begged and begged for me to allow her to get a belly button piercing. I refused. Later it became an obsession for a nose piercing. I refused. When she asked why both times I told her, “If you want a piercing like that now and I oblige, what are you gonna ask for next? A tattoo? So the answer is NO! When you turn 18 you will have control of your own body but for now it belongs to me and I’m NOT gonna have my daughter all marked up with piercings. NOT GONNA HAPPEN WHILE YOU ARE A MINOR IN MY HOUSE!”

My baby girl did four years of high school colorguard

My baby girl did four years of high school colorguard

Did I mention her hero is Kat Von Dee?
Ummmm… yeah…  (insert a healthy motherly fear here) 
Well? She’s 18 now. I think I subdued the beast long enough. She makes her own decisions now.
She’s on tattoo # 3.

OK So anyways… there’s a little insight into the Twinkie clan.

If you haven’t gathered from my personality here, I’m a very goofy, dorky person and I guess that’s rubbed off on my own kids. We have a lot of fun and have a pretty good relationship with each other. We support each other and encourage each other.

When the boys were little I drug them to every one of the teens practices and games and now that the teens are done with school sporting events, they make themselves available to be there for the boys events. That’s always been very important to us. No matter how busy you get in your everyday life, you ALWAYS make it a point to be there for family. ALWAYS!

That being said? Love your children. Hug your children. Be tough with your children. But never EVER ever give up on them when they are being difficult. Never put them down for their ideas. Instead? Guide them through their decisions.

If you still feel they are heading down the wrong path and they are still under 18 and living under your roof?

I say you stand your ground and explain to them what our parents explained to us. “NOT WHILE YOU’RE LIVING UNDER MY ROOF!”


5 responses to “Funny Friday? With a Twist.

  1. You sound like the perfect balance of mother and friend, truly. 😉

  2. Oh, your family is so amazing and they are each so gorgeous! And, thanks for the “not until your 18” advice. I was seriously going to go with “You will obey me for all eternity, or I will haunt you AND your children for the rest of their days.” Yours seems so much more… effective. 🙂

  3. LiLu… I think I am too. I mean, they know they can share their secrets with me and I won’t tell dad. But they also expect advice on how to handle their issues, etc.

    Faiqua.. you’re so funny. Yeah, unfortunately that just doesn’t work anymore. What ends up happening is that if they are a free spirit then run away from home at 18 and never come back! LOL

  4. your family sounds hilarious. i’ll consider you my matriarchal role model.

  5. Oh oh! Now Theres a scary thought!

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