I Can’t Make This Shit Up!

*Sitting in a coffee shop indulging in chocolate and fun conversation a year ago with a couple of my friends:

Friend #1: “I met this guy at the DMV and he asked me for my phone number. I said no, of course. He was way too young. But then as I was walking out he asked me for a favor. He asked if I could please call his phone because he couldn’t find it. So I called it so he could hear it ring, and then he could find it easier.

He thanked me, then I left.

When I got into my car, GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS? (right about here her voice gets really high pitched as it always does when she’s sharing something really incredibly hard-to-believe-amazing)

My phone rings and it’s the guy from the DMV! He got my number off of his caller I.D. Is that SMART OF HIM OR WHAT?”

Friend #2 and I looked at each other and laughed.

And laughed.

Then laughed some more.

Friend #1: “What’s so funny?”

10 responses to “I Can’t Make This Shit Up!

  1. And she was surprised?

  2. YES! hahaha She can be a bit of an airhead sometimes.

  3. what’s so funny??


  4. hahahaha…. nothing… can I borrow your wallet full of money? I seem to have misplaced mine!

  5. haha. if it works, it works.

  6. That’s the friend you’re not allowed to leave alone when you go clubbing, isn’t it?

  7. hahahahaa…. actually that’s the friend that doesn’t need to drink to make bad choices then blame it on the alcohol… oops I mean doesn’t need to be drunk to have fun!

  8. wow. i hope she went out with him.

  9. my wallet… what’s so funny…

  10. Great, he found a way to impress her AND get her phone number!

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