My name is Norma and I was on my way to superstardom as a tall, skinny and beautiful super model until a freak accident caused me to shrink in size and gain weight.

Too short to model and with no other skills I decided to change career paths and so here I am.


My current job description is Tooth Fairy, Nurse, Lifeguard, Maid, Santa’s Helper, Dessert Coordinator, Master Chef, Personal Assistant, Sports Manager, *Referee*Chauffer, Travel Agent/Vacation Planner.


OH, and I also hold a PAYING job in which I go to just to rest from my REAL job at home.

I am married and have four children the ages of 18, 17, 9, and 8.

They are my world.

I never really understood that phrase until I became a mother.


I am originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX and grew up partly in Colonia Santa Cecilia and partly in Tijuana.

When I was about 9 years old my family made the big move into the United States and we’ve been here ever since. My parents had three more children which they raised in the United States. By “they” of course I mean my wonderful mom and my older sister. My dad’s job as a father was complete as far as he was concerned when he helped conceive them.


I love to write and have been blogging/writing my crazy random thoughts on my bakotopia.com blog  since 2006 and Kick Off Your Shoes And Stay A While on masbakersfield.com since 2007. 
I was voted Bakersfield Blogger of the Year in 2007. It’s the only thing I’ve ever won, and this includes lottery tickets and raffles. When I decided to move to wordpress I sought out my “Twinkie” handle and realized that somebody stole my name. So I decided to call my new blog just that!



4 responses to “About

  1. FINALLY. You are FINALLY HERE! I can FINALLY comment!


  2. somebodystolemytwinkie

    Hee. Yes, I know. It was a long time coming. Change is scary but now that I’ve done it there’s no looking back, right?

  3. I never win anything either, it seems. Your story of winning the blogger of the year award gives me hope.

  4. It was a voter based contest so it meant a LOT to me. Of course truth be told, I’d rather win the lottery hehehe..

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