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The Logic Of A Nine Year Old

Over dinner:

Big Mickey: “Mom? I been thinking a lot about this. And I think you really should take the t.v. out of our room.”

(insert very surprised look here… ) ever since they were wittle itty bitty babies they’ve ALWAYS had a TV in their room. In fact, they wouldn’t go to sleep without it at least on with no volume in the background.

Sort of a makeshift nightlight, if you will.

Oh sure, I’d get up and turn it off in the middle of the night but then ONE of them would wake up and turn it back on. ONE of them was scared of the dark. This ONE is now telling me he wants the TV out of his room. This is a very interesting turn of events. Could it be that he’s finally outgrown his fear? Could it be that my baby is growing up? Coudl it be that he’s maturing and no longer scared of silly things like the boogyman?

ME: “Why?”(insert a very interested-in-your-conversation look here)

Big Mickey: “Because Annequin always wants to put it on HIS shows. And I would rather just have it OFF than to watch his shows. So I’ve thought about it a lot and decided the best compromise is to take it out of the room.”

ME:* No longer impressed and now somewhat cynical. “Uh, so in other words. Take the TV out. You win?”

Big Mickey: “EXACTLY!”

I think further discussion needs to go into this decision

I think further discussion needs to go into this decision


I don’t know what to do with my hands..

“I don’t know what to do with my hands! ” said Big Mickey, as I told him to smile for me so I could take a picture during a family trip to San Francisco a few years ago.

You’ve all seen it, right? “Talladega Nights, the Ballad of Ricky Bobby” starring Will Ferrel?

And while I KNOW it’s probably a teeny tiny bit too inappropriate for a 7 year old, he still ended up watching it.


How did I know he’d watched it? Well, the first time he came up to me and said, “I’ll come at you like a spider monkey” was a big clue. But then when I heard him say over dinner, “I’m still sittin’ in my pee pants right now,” I KNEW he’d watched the movie.

He’s been quoting stuff out of the movie ever since, as kids usually do. And it cracks me up every time.

So anyways…. watch the very VERY VERY short video. And enjoy Big Mickey’s impersonation of Ricky Bobby during his first interview ever. *you might have to turn the volume up because his voice is pretty low.

 The woman laughing after is me. Yeah, I know.. I KNOW… goofy laugh. Did you expect anything different from me, though?

Baked Potato=OUT! Pirates=IN

One of the many things I LOVE about my LOSE IT app on my iPhone is the fact that I can look back on my previous days and see just EXACTLY where I’m going wrong and where I’m actually wasting calories.


So, Sunday, for example…. I could have probably been ok without the baked potato for lunch. I mean, you think it’s one teeny tiny potato. It’s ok to have a teeny tiny potato for lunch, right? WRONG. What a waste of 393 calories!

Saturday I enjoyed two refreshing glasses of lemonade and a coca cola classic. It was a nice hot day… sitting out by the pool. It seemed like a good idea at the time. You know how many calories it cost me? FREAKEN 320!


I mean, seriously? I could have almost had a wasteful baked potato instead of the damned lemonade. It woulda been almost the same damned thing. SHIT! Of course both times I was still hungry after and so both are a waste of calories but now I know if I’m gonna waste my calories I’d rather drink WATER and go with the baked potato.

In other news… Pee Wee football has officially started! WOOT!! Mr. Twinkie is the head coach of our team, the Pirates. Cabana Boy is his offensive coach. *Oops I mean, yeah, he can sometimes be a little offensive, but I think the correct term is offense coach? NO? Well… what the hell do I know? hahaha I’ll get this terminology down eventually though, right?

Mr. Twinkie and Cabana Boy at a golf tournament

Mr. Twinkie and Cabana Boy at a golf tournament

Anyways… I’m excited! I think it’s going to be a GREAT year! This will be the last year Annequin and Big Mickey get to be in the same age group. So I will definitely appreciate and enjoy the fact that I don’t have to go to two different practices and two different games. Until next year, that is.

Annequin runs the ball while Big Mickey defends! (this picture was taken last year)

Annequin runs the ball while Big Mickey defends! (this picture was taken last year)



Tobin James

Last night after work I took Big Mickey to Wal Mart. He had money and wanted to buy Pokeman cards.

I also had to pick up antibiotics from the pharmacy for Annequin. He has an absyss from the tooth he broke last summer (poor kid) so we’re trying to get the absyss to go away then the dentist is going to kill the nerve? OR pull the tooth out. Not quite sure where we’re going with that one yet. It all depends on what he sees once he gets in there I guess? All I know is that this time no matter how much laughing gas he gets, it’s gonna hurt!

Annequin at his last dentist appt

Annequin at his last dentist appt

Anyways, then I took Annequin to baseball practice, then came home and made dinner. I was really wore out. This past week or so has been hectic.

Annequin and Big Mickey's little league picture

Annequin and Big Mickey's little league picture

So I opened a bottle of Tobin James Reserve Label Cabernet Sauvrignon.

WOW! Can I just say? LIQUID GOLD. It was one of my favorite bottles so far! The only problem is that it was soooooo good I drank the whole bottle so I’m feeling a little sluggish this morning.

Oh well! Nothing a lunch from my favorite Mexican restaurant won’t cure!

Parenting (non) Advice

As parents, if there is ONE lesson we need to learn from the get-go is: You will NEVER know everything about your kids lives. You will NOT be able to stop them from making mistakes no matter how hard you try. And you should NEVER assume you know what they do when you’re not around.

Having said that, in defense of parents everywhere, I guess it’s sorta one of those lessons you learn AFTER your kids are all grown up? I don’t know? OR in very RARE cases with some parents, it’s something you just KNOW all along and you deal with it and work around it the best you can.

Of course.. then there is the ones that think they KNOW EVERYTHING there is to know about their kids lives.

“Little Timmy tells me EVERYTHING” they say. And they actually believe it.

They think they control their children and they think their kids are perfect. They don’t allow their kids to go anywhere.

They choose their friends according to what they think are “good families” or according to what social standing they keep in school and dismiss the ones they don’t think fit their kids social circles as “bad kids.”

They assume their kids don’t cuss, they don’t like boys or girls yet.

“Oh Little Timmy isn’t interested in all that yet. Right now he’s just focusing on sports.” they think.

They don’t do drugs. The don’t cut class. They don’t….

Well, I mean. You get the idea, right?

But guess what? Your kid DOES cuss. Or has at least one or two friends that do.

Your kid DOES have a crush. In fact, guess what? They have a boy/girlfriend.

And they have tried smoking a cigarette. Or pot. Or drank a beer. Or has at least one or two friends that have.

And they talk to that forbidden friend when you’re not around. Or even better, they have that forbidden boy/girlfriend.

And everybody knows about it except for you. Because YOU? You choose to keep your head in the sand. You choose to think that you’re soooo controlling over your kids life that they don’t have a chance even to BREATHE without asking you permission to.

And guess what? That cell phone you bought them? So that you could keep better tabs on them? They use it to make secret plans with their friends. They use it so they can text their secret boy/girlfriends. They use it so they can confide in their best friends how much they HATE you for being so controlling.

The child you think is soooo perfect? He’s probably hiding behind some bushes with his girl bestie. You know the one? The one you trust him with because they’ve been besties since they were born? And guess what? She’s letting him feel her boobs.

Not just that but guess what they did last week? They smoked out just to “try it.” then he asked if she wants to touch his you-know-whattie.

But don’t worry, mom of the girl bestie. Your daughter?She says no. She likes girls.

Moral of the story?

Here, the parents thinks their kids are perfect. They do no wrong. He’s smart, wise for his age. She has good judgment. But guess what? He’s a kid. He’s going to try things. He’s going to be interested in girls and curious to know what a boobie feels like.

It happens. It’s not the end of the world. Get over yourself.

I’m by NO means trying to act like I know everything. Or that my own kids are perfect. Or that I know how to handle situations better than you. In fact, I’m here to share with you my own parenting mistakes and how naïve I was.

I thought I knew everything about my kids. I thought I controlled them enough to where I knew exactly what they were doing. Exactly who they were hanging out with. Exactly what they would try and wouldn’t try.

And guess what?

I was wrong.

My kids made their mistakes. They learned from them (I hope) and they are still the best kids. EVER. And I love them with all of my heart. I think that’s key. I think that no matter what your parenting techniques are as long the constant is that you love your kids NO MATTER what mistakes they make everything will turn out ok. In the end, when all is said and done that’s what is going to make the difference.



Wether you’re the controlling parent, or the naive parent, or the “cool” parent or the “involved” parent, or the “absent parent” just LOVE YOUR CHILD. Let them KNOW that you love them.

And if they feel it? If they believe it? Everything else will fall into place.

Bath Time?

It just occurred to me that I haven’t had a bath for a very long time. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them. It’s just that my baths (the very few I’ve actually been able to have in my life) usually go a little something like this:

Me: rush home from a hectic day at work. All I can think of at this moment is a glass of Cabernet and a candlelit bubble bath. But first, I need to make dinner, feed the family, help the kids with their homework, send the older two to bed, do a bit of chores around the house, put the little twinkies in their cribs… then run the hot water while I’m rushing around the house trying to get everything in order so when I finally do end up in my bubble bath, I can relax.
Prep time? About 2 or 3 hours
Bath? About 30 seconds
Then it starts.
I hear, “Mooooooooommmmmmm….. my brother won’t leave me alone.
Me: Ignore
Them: she started it.
No he did.
No she did.
Who are you gonna believe?
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. (usually it’s HIM crying because she hits him and he doesn’t hit back)
Mom, she hit me.
He started it.
She hit me.
Me? Bath=over
I’m not complaining, though. Really. It was mostly just an observation.
I haven’t had a bath for a very long time.
And my teenagers haven’t been pesky little fighting pre-teen boogers for even longer.

Gawd I miss that!
*Plus, I thought this twinkie-taking-a-bath picture was sooo cute I wanted to blog about it.*

Dear Diary

“Mom, I read your diary!” Baby Twinkie confessed to me last night while smiling very smugly.

I acted very shocked and appalled then say, “GASP! You did? Oh noooooo! So then you read how I REALLY feel about you?”

“HU? WHAT???” Baby Twinkie asks a little uneasy then replies, “Yup. I do. Because I snuck in your room and read your diary! hahahaha”

“Oh, man. Did you read it all? Did you read the part where I wrote:

Dear Diary,
Baby Twinkie is too expensive to keep around. He eats ALL my food, and raids my pantry and takes all the snacks to his room and hides them under his bed. I think I’m going to get rid of him tomorrow!

Did you read that part?”

He looks at me in shock and horror and says, “MOM! YOU WROTE THAT?”

I give him a “look” like.. did you hear what I just said, buddy? About all the damned WRAPPERS I found under the bed? 

It takes a little while.. I can see his little brain working… one-two-thr…..

Then he giggles because he knows he’s sooooooo busted! I found his secret snack supply under his bed!

“YUP!” I say, trying very hard to contain my laughter. “Of course you already KNOW that because you read it in my diary right?”

“Awww man, it’s just like that video you showed me yesterday! MAN you’re mean!” he whines.

“Baby Twinkie,” I say, “I don’t own a diary. BUT if I did.. I wouldn’t write that. How can I get rid of my baby Twinkie? Come on, if I did that, then who would scrub my restrooms and help me wash dishes?”

He thinks about it. Hmmmml… I guess it pays off to be Mommies Little Helper he thinks…

“True” he replies, feeling a little more confident about his position in our Twinkie Household. Now he’s just got to remember to throw away all the wrappers instead of hiding them under the bed. Then he’s REALLY safe!
**to watch the video Baby Twinkie is referring to just CLICK HERE.

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